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Cahn, Farah lead 'trip of a lifetime'

Double rainbow over Sea of Galilee (copyright Elizabeth Farah)

Suggesting to any of the several hundred visitors who traveled to Israel with WND CEO and co-founder Joseph Farah and bestselling “The Harbinger” author Jonathan Cahn their trip is just another vacation might be like suggesting the Grand Canyon is just another ditch.

“When I ask people how they are enjoying the trip, they uniformly have one answer: ‘It far exceeded our wildest expectations. It’s the trip of a lifetime,'” Farah stated.

He said that one of the main benefits of the trip is getting the full experience of biblical events in the actual locations where they took place.

“It’s been a sensational trip so far,” said Farah. “I’m dictating this hours after getting off a choppy boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. It was so rough out there on the lake, we were all reminded of the Bible story about Jesus being awakened by a disciple who feared they would all perish. The thought crossed all our minds. We couldn’t calm the waters like he did. At one point, every chair on the boat broke at once when a big wave hit. But we made it. We kept the faith. It was an adventure 500 people will not soon forget.”

The visitors traveled with Farah and Cahn on a pilgrimage to Israel this month and are having what Farah has deemed a “trip of a lifetime.”

They’ve already visited numerous biblical sites and gotten to see first-hand the places where Jesus walked 2,000 years ago.

Right after the pilgrims landed from the Sea of Galilee, they explored Jaffa, where Jonah set sail for Tarshish, and drove through Tel Aviv.

On the first full day of the trip, they went to Caesarea and saw the ruins of Herod’s palace, the Roman theater and aqueducts. They also went to Mt. Carmel where Elijah proved to the prophets of Baal that there is only one true God. After that, the group traveled to Meggido where Cahn spoke of the location’s significance.

City of David (copyright Elizabeth Farah)

Cahn is the bestselling author of “The Harbinger,” which was later turned into the smash hit documentary “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment: Is There an Ancient Mystery that Foretells America‚Äôs Future?”

He has become what many consider an expert on the End Times, events with which Megiddo is so strongly associated.

On the second day, the pilgrims went to the ruins of Tel Dan and saw the sacrificial pit. They then took a tour of the Golan Heights and saw the remains of the Syrian bunkers from previous wars and got a view of the Syrian-Israel border. Later in the day, they visited Capernaum and had a service in the ancient synagogue. At night, they took part in a candlelight service in the synagogue of Korazim where Christ ministered.

On the third day, they went to Cana of Galilee where wedded couples who were a part of the trip renewed their vows under the olive trees. They then went to Nazareth and climbed the mountain where the people attempted to push Jesus off the cliff.

Wailing Wall (copyright Elizabeth Farah)

The pilgrimage was set up in conjunction with Coral Travel, which is a veteran of many trips to the Holy Land. It offers the opportunity to worship in a way few ever experience in Israel.

Still on the agenda are Jordan Valley, the Springs of Gideon, the Dead Sea, Masada, En Gedi, Jerusalem, Mount Moriah, the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, Emmaus Road, the Pool of Bethesda, St. Ann’s Church, Via Dolorosa, the Old City, the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane and more.