I wonder how many Americans are going to die as a result of Washington, D.C.’s insatiable greed, arrogance and corruption?

Passing legislation that would upend a functioning health delivery system by a margin of one highly bought-and-paid vote was beyond insanity.

Worse yet, this change was promoted as something it never was by bald-faced liars like Obama, Pelosi and Reid. They actually debated among themselves whether lying was appropriate – and then they went ahead and did it! These are people – a descriptor I hesitate to use – who have never lived under the laws they have passed. They enjoy public salaries, gold-plated health benefits, platinum-grade retirement benefits and immunity from their decisions by virtue of their corruption and position in the government.

These are the very types of monarchical megalomaniacs the American people fought the War of Independence to be free of. And yet through an incessantly corrupt and ideologically driven major media, widespread, recurrent voter-fraud, gerrymandered congressional districts that exploit race, poverty, ethnicity and, yes, even wealth, they have slowly and inexorably regained control of a once-free nation.

Now they are busy sucking it dry of the lifeblood of freedom and opportunity, while they line their own pockets. Operating under the guise of safety, they have created a nationalized police force that tramples on the constitutional guarantees that both these self-styled stasi and their political masters swore an oath to God himself they would protect with their very lives. It has nothing to do with safety; it has everything to do with preserving their own wealth and power, both gained at the expense of the American people, and without regard for their welfare.

Daily they use their position for their own purposes, oblivious to the harm they cause to millions upon millions of citizens of this once-great nation. Broken dreams, broken lives and a broken middle class; the triumph of dereliction and dependency over human decency and self-reliance.

Now they have implemented bought-and-paid for legislation in the most incompetent fashion possible. Their efforts have already caused 5 million Americans who were responsible members of society because they had purchased health insurance to lose that same insurance and access to the care it provided.

Surely some of those people were dependent on the insurance policies they had purchased for ongoing treatment of serious illnesses. And surely some are going to die because their insurance and treatment have been canceled. When you are seriously ill you are not able to fight those battles.

Are you satisfied, Obama, Pelosi, Reid? Made a name for yourselves, did you? Secured your place in the history books? That is what it’s all about, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter how many dead Americans it takes to secure your legacy. That is why the little people are here, isn’t it?

And what of the Republicans, those gallant constitutional defenders who allow the crown Kenyan prince to change laws they have passed with a stroke of his royal pen, right under their noses? Is that why you are called moderates? You support only moderate tyranny? Moderate corruption? Ah, yes; re-elect the moderates.

Any fool can see, and therefore Washington has no excuse, for it is the home of nationalized and institutionalized folly, that the federal government needs to back off. It needs to stop spending money stolen from future generations. It needs to stop building the machinery of despotism, turning military agencies against its own population. And it needs to restore the rule of law, beginning with impeachment and ending with incarceration of ALL those who have caused this travesty.

Do it for the children. Really.

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