Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas

WASHINGTON — Reporter Michelle Fields calls Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, “everyone’s favorite tweeter in Congress.”

The congressman is also a favorite of Twitchy maven Michelle Malkin, who frequently reposts his pithy but pungent tweets, such as one Friday that read, “What was ‘arson’ is now White House policy.”

The Texan has gained a reputation for being both quick on the draw and right on target with his tweets.

Sometimes they are short and sweet, sometimes they are more acid-tongued, but they almost always pack a punch.

And for almost 15,000 followers, Stockman’s tweets @SteveWorks4You have become a fun way to get incisive commentary on what’s really happening in Washington, D.C., and to have a good laugh at the same time.

But not everyone’s laughing. Stockman says he’s actually received complaints from Democrats that comments he has posted have hurt their feelings.

WND asked Stockman,”Why do you like to tweet?”

“I think it’s quick and easy way to communicate without spending a lot of effort. I really do enjoy it and it seems to resonate,” summed up the congressman.

He likes other social media, too.

“At one point during the government shutdown, we had 1.5 million people reposting our Facebook posts,” he said. “I think the press said that made us bigger than MSNBC.”

WND asked Stockman to comment on some of his recent greatest hits, and began by pairing up a couple of tweets that seemed to go together.

“This is happening continually, where the media class is saying, ‘The insurance that you are losing is really junk – we’re making insurance companies give you higher-class insurance.’ That’s just a false notion. People choose their insurance for a reason, and to say all their research and study is nonsense? And that they know better than you? Washington, D.C., knows better?” he asked.

“You have a 35-year-old single guy who has to get prenatal care. It’s really bizarre. We continually see the rationalization of irrational thought.”

Stockman then turned his sights on Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid’s decision to invoke the so-called “nuclear option” Thursday. As WND outlined, that eliminated filibusters for most presidential nominations. It also removed what constitutional scholars have long-considered a guarantee of minority rights in the Senate and a 225-year-old safeguard against what the founders called the “tyranny of the majority.”

“This is one reason they are packing the courts (by eliminating filibusters for most federal judge nominations), because all this (Obamacare) litigation is starting to come through, and it all goes through that D.C. District court. So they have to pack the court before all this litigation goes through,” Stockman explained.

WND then questioned the congressman on two more tweets:

“That’s in reference to mob rule,” he said. “As you know, the mob ruled and killed Jesus, an innocent man (and spared Barabbas). We have a rogue Senate.”

Stockman then pointed out how Democrats were vehemently against the “nuclear option” before they were for it.

“If you go back and get the speeches, it’s pretty phenomenal. (Sen.) Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), (Vice President) Joe Biden, even the president when he was senator, and the press, all bashing Bush over the ‘nuclear option’ and making a big stink about it,” he said.

“It’s astounding short memory and a rewriting of history. Those guys who argued against the nuclear option (back then) are the same ones who argued for it (recently). Hillary Clinton’s speech against it was phenomenal.”

One of Stockman’s tweets highlighted an observation in an article by Alyssa Farah, director of communications for Young Americans for Liberty and daughter of WND CEO Joseph Farah.

“They are, and remember, the Medal of Freedom was started by Kennedy for people who actively promote freedom and Americanism and now it goes to, really, just cronies. It’s kind of sad.”

Stockman’s comment on this was brief. Just a quick laugh and one word, “Yeah.”

Rep. Steve Stockman tweet (Nov. 21): Dems eliminated filibuster because they’ll spend 2014 packing federal courts with judges so radical only 50 most liberal Ds can support them

“That’s true. They’re packing the courts because of all the Obamacare lawsuits that are pending and are going to go through that D.C. District court.

“He’s (Obama) taking unilateral action and nullifying the law of the land without legislative authority. So, I think he sees the train coming down the track and he wants to make sure the judges are in his pocket.”

Rep. Steve Stockman tweet (Nov. 21): “Not only does Common Core dumb down our schools, it’s dumbed down the Education Secretary.”

“Yeah, he criticized suburban moms and we’re calling for his dismissal. He made a halfway apology which wasn’t really an apology, and was dismissive of any parent who gets involved in their kid’s education.”

Stockman was referring to comments last week by Education Secretary Arne Duncan who called foes of Common Core standards, “[W]hite suburban moms who – all of a sudden – their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were, and that’s pretty scary.”

Rep. Steve Stockman ‏tweet (Nov. 21): Democrats are playing the knockout game with your health insurance.

The Texan laughed and observed, “The latest is they’re delaying the price increases until two weeks after the 2014 elections. It was two weeks before.”

Rep. Steve Stockman ‏tweet (Nov. 20): To go with your chutes of debt. RT @BarackObama “We must build ladders of opportunity for all children.” — President Obama

Laughing again, Stockman pointed out the value of humor.

“Conservatives constantly will work off graph charts and things like that. I think it’s more effective to do it like (John) Stewart’s program (“The Daily Show”). It’s more effective to make fun of, and laugh, at the left. We were in a meeting when the shutdown occurred with two contractors who turned out to be on Obama’s donor list and they complained about our tweets.”

Making a whiny voice, the congressman mocked his critics thin-skinned complaints about his tweets, saying, “They’re mean! You gotta quit sending them out.”

“We do get underneath the skin.”

Rep. Steve Stockman tweet (Nov. 18): Thanks Obama! Support for universal health care at lowest % ever recorded. Opposition at highest % ever recorded

“He quit calling it Obamacare,” Stockman said. “That was a great quote of his, ‘Obama does care.’ And now everybody has switched like a light switch, the media, the political apparatchik, all of them instantly switched to calling it the ‘Affordable Care Act.'”

Rep. Steve Stockman tweet ‏(Nov. 15): Democrat leader Pelosi: Allowing you to keep your health insurance is “violence” and “poison.”

“That’s her rationale for claiming that people keeping their insurance is a bad thing,” he said. “I don’t know how they do this, but in Texas, we had a group of Democrats blame the Republicans for Obamacare’s failure, which I still don’t understand.”

WND: We thought it was Bush’s fault.

“He got blamed for hurricane Katrina,” he said. “Now Obama’s acting like Obamacare is someone else’s bill.”

Rep. Steve Stockman tweet (Nov. 15): ‏Van Damme got the idea for that Volvo ad after seeing Democrats trying to explain their vote to cancel your insurance.

Laughing yet again, Stockman admitted, “I think I may’ve stolen that one.”

WND: We meant to ask if you write all of these.

“No, no, no … I do not write them all. We’ve got different people doing it. We try to make sure it’s funny, or at least somewhat humorous. Staff members and other people help out. We have to, because there’s so much out there. The bottom line, though, is to make it funny and truthful.”

Rep. Steve Stockman tweet ‏(Nov. 14): At today’s Science Cmm hearing EPA Administrator McCarthy told me she’s “lucky” not to have Obamacare because she has “quality care” instead

“What’s amazing to me is we have footage of it, then Chris Matthews edited it so it looks like I was lying,” Stockman explained. “But, I am saying, ‘No, it is right there on video.'”

Rep. Steve Stockman tweet (Nov. 14): Keep in mind this flaming disaster is Obama’s defining achievement.

Stockman laughs a lot during this interview, and this is one more occasion.

“That’s good … I like that. They keep saying Obamacare is settled law. I said, so was the immigration law.”

WND: So was DOMA. And slavery, for that matter. Why do you think this scandal is sticking after Benghazi, the NSA, AP, IRS and Fast and Furious scandals all rolled off the president like he was Teflon-coated?

“I hate to say it,” Stockman said, “the reason it’s sticking is because there’s going to be 30 million people losing their insurance. The other scandals affected a nominal amount of people. Now you’re talking millions and millions of people getting their insurance canceled.

“And most of them (the Obamacare policies), contrary to what the administration has asserted, are much more expensive because they include all the ancillary things the government decides you need, including prenatal care, even if you are single male.”

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