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Country-music stars mock Obamacare in song

Wednesday night’s Country Music Association Awards opened up with a little Obamacare mockery and country-music stars Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood crooning a tune about the failed health-care rollout and the pain involved in trying to navigate the website.

It all started while the hosts of the show were singing a new version of “Why Can’t We Be Friends.” Paisley suddenly stopped singing and complained about having a back ache.

That’s when Underwood suggested trying to sign up for Obamacare.

“I started signing up last Thursday and I’m almost done,” she grinned. “Let’s go to the website and get you signed up.”

The pair grabbed a computer.

“Why’s it spinning?” Paisley asked.

“Oh, it does that,” Underwood responded.

“Why’s it smokin’?” Paisley continued.

“Umm, I don’t know,” Underwood replied. “Maybe we should restart it.”

The crowd roared with laughter and the Twitterverse lit up with praise.

The pair then broke out into a modified version of George Straight’s classic “Amarillo by Morning,” instead singing “Obamacare by Morning.”

“Why’s this taking so long?/I’m going to end up with hemorrhoids/If I sit here ’til dawn.”

They even took a shot at media reports only six people were able to sign up the first day.

However, some folks got their knickers in a twist over the performance, accusing the CMA’s of “slandering” President Obama and his signature health-care law.

The claims of “racism” and “lynch mobs” prompted readers of the website Twitchy to weigh in on the reaction to the Obamacare parody. Here is a sampling of comments:

— The Truth Hurts.

— Just more of that so called tolerance on display from the double standard liberals. It’s the one thing they are really good at besides being in denial of what they have done to every American through their continued blind loyalty to Dear Leader.

— That’s funnier then a rodeo clown running around with an Obama mask on!

— Slandered? Really? Do these idiots know what that means even?

— Such vocabularic mastery on display. Rarely have I seen such diverse employment of a single word…

This isn’t the first time Paisley and Underwood have used a current controversy to elicit laughs and applause during a CMA performance.

Back in 2011, the pair mocked the mainstream media uproar that ensued after Hank Williams Jr. made a comment about Barack Obama that led to him being fired from singing the opening to “Monday Night Football.”