(TELEGRAPH) — Domnica Cemortan says her presence on bridge did not distract Captain Schettino on night of shipwreck at Italian island of Giglio.

The Moldovan dancer who admitted having an affair with Capt Francesco Schettino, the commander of the Costa Concordia cruise ship, has insisted her presence on the bridge did not distract him on the night that the liner ploughed into the island of Giglio.

Domnica Cemortan, 26, had dinner with Capt Schettino, 53, in a restaurant on board the cruise liner and was then invited onto the bridge by him, about 15 minutes before the ship smashed into rocks, a collision that prompted a panic-stricken evacuation.

“It’s very easy for Italians to think that the blonde, the Moldovan dancer, distracted the captain. But I didn’t,” the single mother of one told an Italian television programme on Sunday.

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