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Desperate Arabs propose united front with Israel

TEL AVIV – Concerned over U.S outreach to Iran, the Kingdom of Jordan has proposed the creation of an organization consisting of senior intelligence officials in the region, including Israel, to coordinate efforts to prevent Tehran from building a nuclear weapon.

Informed Middle Eastern security officials told WND the proposed intelligence network is actually the initiative of Saudi Arabia. However, the Saudis have asked Jordan, for political reasons, to serve as the public front.

The security officials said Turkey was not enthusiastic about the concept, instead advocating dialogue with Iran over its nuclear ambitions.

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The Saudis are deeply concerned over Western talks with Iran set to continue in Geneva later this month, the officials said.

Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday accused Tehran of backing away from a deal at last week’s Geneva talks.

Kerry said an agreement could still be reached in the coming months, adding that “through diplomacy we have an absolute responsibility to pursue an agreement.”

Tehran blamed the West for the failure to reach a consensus in Geneva last week, with a new round of talks set to commence Nov. 20.