Once upon a time, in the giddy days of “Who’s Obama?,” very nearly the whole world was in his thrall.

Well, only if you believed the media coverage of his world travels and speechifying.

For a thinking person, that was a stretch but since most people do not think with their brains but form their opinions based on emotion and show biz, they believed every bit of PR pap that emanated from the Obama camp.

The word we peons in the United States got was that this was the man, this was the time and we were about to be the luckiest people ever on this planet to have someone like him as our leader.

We were promised the world and what we’ve gotten, now that his first term is over and he’s well into his second as leader of the greatest nation on this earth, is a crass politician, glib of tongue and slick with the promises, who tells people what they want to hear, lies with no compunction and, not satisfied with pushing our country into social and financial chaos, has betrayed our friends worldwide and encouraged our enemies.

What’s not to like? But only if you’re a Marxist.

Those who still support Obama can’t admit they elected someone who is philosophically and practically against all we traditionally stand for.

In fact, that is exactly what we got except that the truth of the Obama intent was carefully glossed over and hidden to the extent that even today, with all the evidence spread before us, many Americans refuse to admit they made a terrible mistake in electing this man in the first place and an even worse error in his re-election.

At this point, the reality of the fiasco of the so-called Affordable Health Care Plan is all over the headlines and justifiably so. Millions of American find themselves dumped from their regular health insurance plans and/or facing enormous increases in premiums, co-pays and fees and the loss of their regular doctors.

It’s hardly a consolation for the administration to tell us that it’s a good thing for us to be dropped from “inadequate” plans and put into ones that the government deems best for us, regardless of cost.

All the while, Obama continued his health-care sale pitch mantra in speeches across the country – “The new plans will cost less and cover more for everyone.”

He continued, that is, until, his lies could no longer sustain even a modicum of believability and it became clear that the administration all along knew of the increases in costs but hid the fact.

Reality? Obama lied and so did everyone speaking in favor of the plan.

The other reality is that none of them will admit it regardless of the facts on the table – so, not only is Obama a liar, he has no shame and is devoid of any sense of guilt for these failings.

How does all this look to our allies across the world?

It simply reinforces the questions, doubts and anger they feel about Obama and his people for the many ways we have let our friends down and, likely, in some cases betrayed them.

It also illustrates that the actions and inactions of Obama and his people have supported those who, in any normal sense would be considered our enemies – actions which put our allies in jeopardy and in a very real sense, threaten world stability.

Israel has been treated poorly by Obama for years and even today, there continues to be instances of Obama making public statements about Israeli military operations, which should have remained secret for Israel’s security.

But Obama always puts himself first and the rest of the world – well, at least the non-Muslim world – be damned.

The anger, worldwide, over the NSA secret surveillance of our “allies” is growing – England, Germany, France, Spain – apparently telephone and electronic messages of as many as 35 world leaders! Even the Vatican was targeted. Nothing is sacred to this man and followers.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is furious her phones were tapped, but that complaint was treated as a female “hissy fit.”

Obama’s official response was that we didn’t do it and we won’t do it again.

The real question, “Did we ever do it?” was ignored.

Anger has spread across Europe, and political leaders are demanding the U.S. declare it has stopped such surveillance and will not do so in the future.

The fall-out goes beyond the issue of the routine spying all countries conduct. It undermines the trust among the allies of the United States in the free world.

If we cannot trust our own, then no one is trustworthy, and the resulting political divisions will only serve to help our enemies.

What better for the militant Islamists who want to destroy the U.S. and the West than to have us sniping at each other and losing the very unity necessary for freedom to prevail?

Obama shows ultimate disdain for those he deems to be beneath him, and, generally, it appears, that means anyone outside his immediate political circle.

If someone wanted to destroy the West from the inside, one could surmise this is an excellent start.

It couldn’t be intentional, could it?

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