Michael Savage

Dr. Savage made this bold pronouncement this week: “God has been driven out of the temple.”

He explained why America’s churches and synagogues have “hollowed out,” declaring that these places of worship have turned into venues for “socializing, bagels, lox and sappy smiles” (Free audio).

Savage also called Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran “worse than Munich” (Free audio).

“Kerry and Obama should be impeached over this,” he said, “because the deal was reached without the approval of Congress. They threw Israel to the Islamist wolves.

“They didn’t even stab Israel in the back,” Savage said. “They did it right to its face.”

Rush Limbaugh

An article in Investor’s Business Daily prompted Limbaugh to revisit an old controversy: the true authorship of Barack Obama’s bestselling memoir, “Dreams From My Father.”

Calling IBD “a credible source,” Limbaugh noted that they claim to have definitive proof that unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers ghostwrote the book for Obama. Arguably, Obama wouldn’t be president today if not for the fame and acclaim he received after “Dreams” came out (Free audio).

Limbaugh also raised a few hackles before he left for his annual Thanksgiving holiday break.

The radio host took exception to Pope Francis’ latest official papal proclamation, in which the leader of the Roman Catholic Church criticized “unfettered free markets” (Free audio).

“It’s sad,” Limbaugh said, “because this pope makes it very clear he doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to capitalism and socialism and so forth.”

Noting that he had visited the Vatican “numerous times,” Limbaugh added wryly: “Believe me, it wouldn’t exist without tons of money.”

Aaron Klein

Is the “knockout game” a hoax, or part of a genuine epidemic of racially motivated crime? Aaron Klein gets to the bottom of the story, talking to African-American community leaders, law enforcement officials and even some victims of this seemingly random violence (Free audio).

The Israeli defense minister joined Klein to discuss his concerns about the so-called “historic” nuclear enrichment deal with Iran. Klein also continued his investigation into the Benghazi massacre and reveals “smoking gun” evidence that Americans were intentionally mislead about Obamacare’s true nature and impact.

Mark Levin

The GOP’s presidential nominee in 2016 doesn’t need “executive experience”: Mark Levin made that startling declaration this week, pointing out that Abraham Lincoln, for example, was never a governor nor a senator (Free audio).

Switching to foreign affairs, Levin declared that, “There is no mission left in Afghanistan. … Let’s get the hell out. We aren’t doing anything there. We certainly aren’t interested in victory” (Free audio).

Laura Ingraham

Congressman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., joined Ingraham to talk about the controversial deal with Iran.

“The Obama administration wanted a deal so badly that they were willing to give up the one thing [sanctions] that were pressuring Iran,” Rogers said.

The problem, insisted Rogers, isn’t just that we can’t trust Iran – it’s that we can’t trust the Obama administration, either.

Later in the week, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker declared that the Republican Party needs to field a 2016 candidate who will run as a conservative, not a moderate or a “RINO.” Talking about Mitt Romney’s failed bid for the White House, Walker told Ingraham that Romney “was in the worst position to attack Obamacare because he had passed Romneycare in Massachusetts” (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck shared an inspirational letter on the air Wednesday that he wrote late last spring to the musicians performing on his Christmas album:

“So many in the world are whining about trouble or whining about struggle,” Beck told his audience. “And in our part of the world, so much of it is for no reason whatsoever. I feel as though our dad, our God, is about to say, ‘You want to cry about something? I’ll give you something to cry about,’ just as any dad would. It will be our job to recognize that we brought most of this upon ourselves. Let us see and share the gift of redemption that is far more valuable than any gold, frankincense or myrrh.”

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