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Calling all streetwalkers and sexually undiscriminating ladies: Obama’s got your hot and steamy nights covered.

A campaign called “Got Insurance” debuted new ads Tuesday hawking “free” birth-control pills, courtesy of Obamacare. The ads were launched by the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and Progress Now.

One, titled “Let’s Get Physical,” is geared toward women craving “easy,” casual sex.

It features “Susie” and “Nate,” who are described as “hot to trot.” The ad declares:

“OMG, he’s hot! Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control. My health insurance covers the pill, which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers. I got insurance. Now you can too. Thanks Obamacare!”

Another ad depicts a woman who can barely contain her excitement as she stands next to a life-sized, cut-out portrait of actor Ryan Gosling. It states, “Hey girl, you’re excited about easy access to birth control and I’m excited about getting to know you. She got insurance. Now you can too. Thanks Obamacare!”

The new ads sparked a wave of comments on the Twitter hashtag #Hosurance, including the following:

  • “Are you the victim of Democrats’ War on Women? Now you’re covered with Obamacare #Hosurance.”
  • #Hosurance, because you don’t think any more of yourself than Democrats do.”
  • “Those #Hosurance ads are targeted to females just a few years older than Sasha and Malia Obama. Think about that.”
  • “I’m enraged that you’d demean women this way.”
  • “Surprised they didn’t use slutty Sandra Fluke for this ad.”
  • “Does nobody worry about STDs? Ever? Hook up ‘culture’ grosses me out. Good job, feminists. Y’all are nasty.”
  • “So those ‘bro-surance’ and now ‘ho-surance’ ads are an elaborate anti-Obamacare campaign, right?”
  • “Sure, ladies, you may be paying $2,000 more a year in premiums, but remember the *free* birth control!”
  • “Really? That idiocy was funded with taxpayer money?”
  • “Everyone involved in this ad campaign should be fired. The developer, the copywriter, the photographer, everyone.”
  • “Brosurance: ‘Let’s drink!’ Lady-brosurance: ‘I can get laid!’ Does this make anyone else uncomfortable?”

The “Ho”-bamacare ads are so outrageous, even a Planned Parenthood affiliate appeared to believe it was an effort by Obamacare critics to “slut shame”:

PPVotesColorado followed that tweet three hours later with this one:

Despite the widespread criticism, Adam Fox, director of strategic engagement for the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, told Business Insider, “It’s been fun watching it all play out. We’ve seen both positive and negative reactions, but if people are seeing and purchasing health insurance, that’s a good thing.”

Other controversial ads from the campaign made headlines during the Nov. 6 Obamacare congressional hearing with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., displayed the following ad featuring college students drinking and doing keg stands. The ad tells heavy drinkers, “Don’t tap into your beer money to cover those medical bills.”

Alcohol consumption appears to be a popular theme in the Obamacare ads from the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative:

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