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When Fox News correspondent Jim Angle called the 800 number for Obamacare from an unlisted number, guess what happened?

Angle continued tweeting: “I was calling from an unlisted number & gave personal cell as my phone. How did they know? I have no idea but he wouldn’t answer questions. … He told me a ‘an advanced resolution specialist’ would call me in 2-5 business days. That will be interesting.”

Twitterers who saw Angle’s tweet wanted to know how call center operators knew who he was: “Hi @Sebelius Hey why are Obamacare call centers screening people with certain names?”

Observed one commenter, “So in one week they are able to put together a list of suspect names that is accessible to all their Obamacare hotline operators, but they can’t get a website up and running properly in three years?”


The New Yorker magazine cover that’s getting a lot of attention:

Remember this?

Tennessee testosterone tops Tickle Me Elmo!

Tennessee State Sen. Brian Kelsey gave Kathleen Sebelius a gift during her visit to the Volunteer State last Saturday.

Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, spoke at a Memphis library and said the public should know that using the website was not going to be like going onto to buy a “Tickle Me Elmo” doll. Yes, she really said that.

Kelsey’s gift for the woman who claimed responsibility for the utter “debacle” that was the Obamacare website roll-out? A copy of “Websites for Idiots.”

Judging by the scowl on Sebelius’ face, she was not amused. Adding insult to insult, the Memphis Daily newspaper snapped her sour expression and posted it on Twitter. Kelsey promptly retweeted the photo, much to the delight of bloggers who posted about it and twitterers who saw it and retweeted.

Wrote one, “I tip my hat to you. Best. Move. Ever.”

Convenient crisis?

“OK, but in all seriousness the first thought I had was – oh looky here just when we needed a distraction from the Obamacare catastrophe.”

Sentiments alluding to a government-prompted “false flag” operation after the TSA shooting last Friday morning at Los Angeles International Airport immediately sprang up on Twitter, Facebook, blogsites, in forums and in news report comment sections throughout the Internet.

“Well, the official story is rather suspicious. I mean – the guy was supposedly carrying ‘anti-government materials’ (huh?) and a hand-written note saying that he wants to kill ‘PIGS’ and TSA agents? What?”

However, not everyone suspected that the killing of a TSA agent and three others who critically wounded was conspired by shadowy government forces. Mockery and derision ensued at those who did and will raise the possibility.

Yet skeptical minds continued questioning the political timing of the incident: “Right when the President reached the lowest approval rating of his time in office. Shocking I tell you.” – frozeninbemidji

“False flag to get those pesky guns from the hands of Americans so that they can then do what they want to … and roll out those 1.7 billion hollow point bullets aiming for the middle of the citizens. It is always the same, and now … like always with these false flag, planned-ahead-of-time-events … we will hear the endless ragging and howling on and on about getting those guns till the next false flag event they will plan.” – JoyDon

The debate about our government’s trustworthiness continues …

Trick or treat!

Best Halloween costume suggestion goes to Megawatt Herb Drench @mdrache who tweeted: “Maybe the White House press corps could dress up as journalists today, since they go as transcriptionists the rest of the year.

All treat

And the music stirred her soul.

When a 10-month-old baby listened to her mother sing, her tiny face emoted every note. A video of little Mary Lynne Leroux’s heartfelt and expressive responses to her mama’s singing was published on YouTube on Oct. 18th, and to date, more than 19 million viewers have fallen in love with this precious darling. You will too.

The Blaze has the story. But first, watch the video:


Amazing world clock and stats for your website by Poodwaddle. Tempus fugit!

We remember

And finally, the feel-good story of the week! The Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series winners celebrated their victory last week with a parade through Boston that stopped at the Boston Marathon finish line where they placed their World Series trophy and a T-shirt emblazoned with the city’s area code 617 and the words “Boston Strong.” The gesture was done to honor those who were killed and maimed during last April’s terrorist bombing. See all the photos on the Red Sox Facebook page.

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