What you’ve reported about the gay agenda is something I began investigating in 1962 after J. Edgar Hoover gave me an autographed copy of his book, “Masters of Deceit.”

The Communist Party began recruiting gays in 1929. However, what the gays are doing today can also be connected to Alice Bailey, who founded the Lucifer Trust in 1922 to help the League of Nations set up a world government. Those same people instigated World War I to justify the idea of creating the League of Nations to pretend to promote world peace. They also caused the Stock Market Crash in 1929 and supported FDR so he could cause the Great Depression. During that time, Alice Bailey trained a man from India named Krishnamurti to head up that world government. Bailey took Krishnamurti on a world tour to see how well he would be received during the Depression. He was received very well on every continent until she brought him to New York Harbor. He complained that he could not get off the boat because the power of Christ was too strong against him there. She took him to a Great Lakes port, and the same thing happened there.

I learned about this from three sources. One was an elderly friend, who was an intercessor who prayed against Bailey and Krishnamurti when he heard they were coming. He knew many other Christians who also prayed against them. Another source was a German pastor and missionary named Kurt Koch, who wrote about this in some of his books about exorcism. The third source was a Christian publisher in Wheaton, Ill., who wrote about this in a publication they made during 1973 for our church bulletin.

When the League of Nations failed to set up the antichrist, the people behind it instigated World War II. After World War II, they established the U.N. to try again. Alice Bailey founded the Lucifer Publishing Company at 665 United Nations Plaza in 1953 to help them accomplish this. That same year, she wrote a book in which she bragged of being both a communist and a satanist. This should not be a surprise if you also know that Karl Marx was a satanist high priest. This fact was first exposed by Rev. Richard Wurmbrandt. Bailey’s book advocated 13 more planks to add to “The Communist Manifesto.” One of those planks was to subvert our First Amendment right to freedom of religion with gay rights. Another was to subvert parents’ rights with children’s rights. The title of her book was “The Externalization of the Hierarchy.” The hierarchy she referred to is what the Bible calls principalities, powers, ruler of darkness, etc. The people behind the League of Nations and U.N. are in league with the devil. Thus, Revelation 13 will not come to pass by accident or coincidence.

I could say much more about this because I’ve been investigating it since 1962. I just want you to realize what you are dealing with. Everything that is going wrong with our country in D.C. is not the result of stupid people running things. They are not stupid. They are evil. This is why Obama’s wife is sometimes photographed flashing satanic hand signals.

Rev. David Scott

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