Stacking a court with ideologically sympathetic judges isn’t a new strategy. During America’s earlier “never waste a good crisis” economic moment, known as the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, after being rebuffed by the Supreme Court for his efforts to expand government beyond its constitutional bounds, took another approach: He attempted to turn the nation’s highest court into a rubber stamp for his utopian dynasty.

Remember, FDR is the only president to have served a third term in office. Prior presidents honored the “unwritten law” that George Washington had established when he declined to seek a third term in office. Washington expressed concerns about a monarchy mentality developing around him.

The current White House occupant has no such compunctions about the monarchy, assuming he is the monarch. Note the similarities in mindset to many of the poorest African nations: Whoever becomes the “monarch” distributes the spoils to his followers.

Picking the Washington, D.C., Court of Appeals as the packing victim was a good strategy for someone with disregard for the rule of law. Roosevelt was busted for his effort to stack the Supreme Court, so why not drop down one level and try it again? After all, the D.C. court decides lots of government-overreach lawsuits. Why not pack it with ideological sympathizers, so the answer is always the same: The feds can do anything they want, Constitution and all and the rest of you be damned!

It seems that “one size fits all – at least for the masses” ideologues on the left always revert to their tyrannical type when they become frustrated by the rule of law and reality’s aversion to being disrespected by historical nincompoops.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said that the Senate’s new filibuster restrictions were a twofer for our long-in-tooth monarch. They will enable him to pack the court and kill the Senate’s Benghazi investigation at the same time. I take this to mean that the Senate was relying on the D.C. Court of Appeals for its Benghazi activities.

Well, Senator, here is an idea you can pursue while the newly packed D.C. Court of Appeals is ruling against you over the next few generations. You and the rest of the Republicans in the Senate can begin an investigation into the meaning of the term “natural born citizen,” as used during the period of history when the Constitution was written. You may actually find that the current White House occupant does not meet the constitutional requirements to hold the office of president.

My point here is this: Congress needs to stop acting like a whining little brat who runs to Mommy (the courts) every time Obami beats him up and steals his lunch money.

The government was crafted so that Congress or the states can shut down tyranny (which is what we are in the early stages of, with the setup for a rapid takeover in the near future). The courts are ill-equipped to deal with lawlessness, because the lawless simply ignore the laws upheld by the court that they don’t like.

None of you “nice folks” were sent to D.C. to become part of the butt-squeezing, back-slapping old boys club that you’ve all joined. You were sent to represent us, the people paying the bills out into infinity for your dereliction of duty. Now that the old boys club is breaking up, taking their marbles and going home, perhaps you will have some time to provide the oversight of the executive branch that you took an oath to provide?

Now that would be newsworthy!


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