Rush Limbaugh’s “morning after” tantrum shouldn’t make you angry. It should make you sick to your stomach.

The big name with the biggest bully pulpit continues to hide among the bushes (pun intended). When it comes to the Republican establishment’s betrayal, Limbaugh never names names. Why? Because they’re his buddies, and he doesn’t want to rock the boat and forfeit inclusion among their ranks; he fears his financial empire might be jeopardized. Sure, everybody knows about his contempt for John McCain and Lindsey Graham. But why does he never call out the many other specific individuals he claims are undermining conservatives and the tea party? Why doesn’t he put to rest the confusion he perpetuates among Republicans struggling to make informed voting choices? Why doesn’t he warn conservatives before they donate to the very people he incessantly claims are hurting the country?

Peter Arnone

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