So Republicans are changing their strategy on Obamacare. Instead of “Stop Obamacare,” now their slogan is “Tinker with Obamacare.” This turnaround is apparently a result of polls, which were unfavorable to Republicans regarding the government shutdown.

I realize I don’t talk to every demographic category, but everyone I talked to expressed agreement with the shutdown and a desire to permanently downsize the government by getting rid of those government workers not deemed “essential.”

Many quipped, “I haven’t noticed anything shut down.” Or, “I haven’t missed being spied on or harassed by government agents.”

Of course I live among that rarified shrinking group of people who do not live in Washington, D.C., who are not employed by government, nor take government handouts such as food stamps or welfare.

The polls that have convinced the feckless yet ostensibly most powerful Republican in country – John Boehner – to abandon all pretense to principle should be looked at more critically. Who constitutes the polling group?

First in size are the 49 percent of households where at least one member receives direct benefit from the government. Now that number cuts across all ages and socioeconomic status, so includes many who are elderly conservatives on Medicare. But there are about 30 percent of households who qualify as impoverished. Add to this the 4 percent of Americans who are employed full-time by government at all levels and 2 percent of Americans who are teachers (notoriously in the pro-government camp), and you have a sizable group who will side with the Democrats in promoting more government largess in whatever form.

While Boehner and his ilk keep fiddling while America burns, they should ask this question – “What do taxpayers think?”

Our Oligarchs in Congress exist on the “one man, one vote” principle, so they give the same weight to opinions of those who suck off the taxpayers teats as they do the opinions of hard working, small business owners. Unfortunately real world economics is not egalitarian. Prosperity comes to those who work hard and think smart. And although for a while people may ride their coattails by plundering the productive through taxation, that doesn’t last forever.

As Margaret Thatcher so famously opined, “Socialist governments … always run out of other people’s money.”

Obamacare is wrong on moral and economic principle. It is intrinsically bankrupt, it is a business killer and it is based on theft from the working members of society to others. And the opinion of one, hard working, taxpaying American should trump the polling data from a thousand government workers who produce nothing except paperwork. The bureaucrats cannot create wealth; they can only steal it. And the government cannot give you medical care even by enslaving doctors and nurses.

As the GOP leadership continues to make policy based on public polling data rather than sound economic and moral principle, more of the grassroots Republicans – including me and Matt Drudge, who shifted a week after me – have voted with their feet. I sleep much better as a Libertarian.

John Boehner, Carl Rove and the other bigwigs should contemplate the fate of the 1800s Whigs, who voted for slavery against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the “little people” in their party. One morning they awoke to find they had no party to lead.

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