If the president’s troubles make you want to sing, at least get the lyrics right. It’s not “We Shall Overcome.”

It’s “They Shall Overreach”!

“Don’t count chickens before they hatch!” is too stilted and cliché. I prefer the earthier Southern version, “Don’t count ‘taters afore grabbin’ time.” Either way, it’s time for a massive jailbreak from such nervous caution and oppressive prudence. Depending on what you want out of this Obamacare debacle, it may already be time – past time – for you to rejoice. Why delay the joy? Start the festivities.

If what you’re looking for is impeachment or resignation or a president who dares not leave his bunker, hatching time is a ways off and potatoes are still underground and not on the menu yet. My aspirations are a little more grab-able. I’ll gladly settle for an end to President Obama’s ability to inflict further damage on America.

Over here, waiter! This is the table that’s ready for the champagne.

It’s delightful watching our nation being saved by the cowardice of American politicians. Whatever became of those swaggering Obama collaborators, leftist agenda-crats who never had the guts to admit they were following a popular president toward communism but cackled with laughter when their candidate put Joe the Plumber in his place with all that talk about “spreading the wealth around”? One “ah-choo” doesn’t make a flu epidemic, except in the faint hearts of elected officials whose salient talent is sensing which way the wind is blowing and pretending to be blown with it.

It’s natural to exaggerate the dimensions of your own achievements. We all understand the self-congratulations of the 4-year-old child whose father congratulated him for pulling a stubborn weed out of the garden. “Good job,” said his father. “And did you notice, Dad,” he said, “the whole world was pulling at the other end?” It follows that our own self-congratulations as a nation concentrate more on our “overcoming” than on the bad guys’ “overreaching.”

What if the late Adolf Hitler, instead of invading the Soviet Union in June of 1941, had delayed that attack until March of 1942, making sure there was enough ice-free time to ensure the taking of Moscow before the Russian winter so convincingly chose sides? And whoever said Japan had to take on the United States, which, unprepared, quickly caught up with and surpassed the super-prepared Japanese? What if, instead of attacking Pearl Harbor, Japan had thrown itself against the Soviet Union from the east, invading Soviet Siberia from bases in Manchuria at a time when the Nazis had the Russians gasping for breath in the west? It’s no insult and no theft of credit to admit American overcoming was so plainly aided by enemy overreaching.

The playground defeat of the bully, the humiliation of the thug is a delicious theme. Watching the unraveling of – who knows what, perhaps even the unraveling of the Obama administration – is, admittedly, more fun than I could ever have in a one-horse open sleigh. President Nixon may have had frowning jowls and 5-o’clock shadow, but millions of Americans agree he didn’t deserve to lose his presidency over a bungled attempt to cover up a third-rate break-in. Obama deserves every jot-and-tittle of his dilemma. The arrogance, the breathtaking squandering of taxpayer funds on vacations and elsewhere, the shredding of the Constitution, the toleration and enabling of Attorney General Holder, the IRS, the limp capitulation to Iran, the disaster of Benghazi, the apparent abandonment of Israel – the only democracy between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific Ocean – the insulting lies; only the abundance of mercy and lack of space keeps this paragraph so short. All of that ruins the instinctive pity you want to feel for a young idealistic president who was elected because America “threw a fit” to prove we’re not racists. One more such fit and it may usher us to our deserved doom.

In the early to mid-1940s, Germany sorely needed regime change, and it was achieved, with the help of America and her allies. Simultaneously, Japan also sorely needed regime change, which was also achieved by America and her allies.

When America needed regime change in 2013 it was achieved with no help at all. America did it all by herself.

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