I beg leave today to ask for advice from my kind readers at WND. It has become apparent to many of us here in Scotland that democracy is everywhere in retreat just at the moment when it appears to have prevailed.

To take just one example, Mr. Obama is busily doing what governments of the left everywhere have been doing for decades: seeking to make treaties with other leftist regimes so that even when the GOP eventually regains the White House and both Houses of Congress it will find that it cannot repeal Mr. Obama’s laws because many of them are enshrined in those treaties.

In Europe we have this difficulty in a still more severe form. Five laws in six are made for Scotland not by our elected representatives in the parliaments of Edinburgh and Westminster but by people we do not elect in Brussels. There is a Parliament there, but it is a Parliament of Eunuchs. It cannot even father a bill. That right is reserved to the unelected Kommissars who pay great heed to vested interests and as little heed to the people.

Across Europe there have been talks about winning our democracy back. Here is our Scottish version of the people’s manifesto. The New Alliance, a party that is being formed quietly in Edinburgh today, will offer the people the manifesto that follows. Here is where you who still live under a constitution of liberty can do to help us who do not. Please write a comment here on our manifesto. Here it is – the manifesto of the New Alliance:

The New Alliance shall be the party of love. Let all join us who love their fellow men. Let none join us who hates or discriminates. “Nothing that is of humanity shall be alien to us.” Let all who reach our shores be welcome, but let them not expect hospitality beyond our means. Let all beyond our shores who look to us for aid receive it if their need be greater than ours.

The democratic spirit of Scotland demands that none but we or those whom we elect should make our laws or set our taxes. Europe, our beloved continent, gave the world the notion and the name of democracy. What is democracy but love of all our neighbours, a love so great that we gladly trust one another to shape the future of Scotland, of the United Kingdom and, henceforth, of the European Union together at the ballot-box.

While the European Union remains anti-democratic, it remains anti-European. We are proud Europeans.

The New Alliance will share our democratic spirit with the continent we love by building with our neighbours and partners nothing less than a new constitution for Europe, to transform the European Union and to subject it to the voters’ will.

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish” from our continent.

If those who now rule us by Directive will not give up to the elected Parliament of Europe the sovereign power to table the supreme laws of our beloved continent, only then will we recommend, with regret, that Scotland and the European Union should part company.

It is the solecism of the classe politique in every age to imagine that it knows best. Yet the people know best what is best for the people. Henceforth, whenever the people demand a referendum on any matter it shall be held. Our elected representatives shall forthwith give effect to the voters’ decision in a People’s Bill, but it shall not receive Royal Assent until the courts have certified that that the People’s Bill enacts the people’s will.

Scotland is “united to England not merely by legal bonds but by indissoluble ties of interest and affection.” While the United Kingdom remains democratic, Scotland shall proudly stand part of it.

For if Scotland will not love even her nearest and dearest neighbours, with whom she has made merry for centuries, who furth of our shores can ever trust us? What have the people to fear from any government, in London as in Edinburgh or in Brussels, if our votes made that government and can unmake it at our pleasure?

And why demand from those whom we elect in Westminster the power to table one law in 20 for Scotland, while those whom we do not elect in Brussels table 17 in 20? That is not independence.

“Liberty and freedom consists in having of government those laws by which the people’s life and goods may be most their own.” Government should be as small, laws as few, taxes as low, spending as little, markets as free as possible. “A state which dwarfs its men, so that they become mere docile instruments in its hands, will find that with small men no great thing can be accomplished.”

Small men in great place have bankrupted Britain. To talk of separation is to rearrange the deck-chairs while the ship of state rolls over and sinks beneath us under a mountain of unregarded but dangerous debt.

Since first the ancient philosophers meditated upon the governance of nations, they wrote of the great gulf fixed between on the one hand the Legalists, whom today we call totalitarians and centralists, and on the other the Confucians, whom we call libertarians and democrats, or simply ourselves. That great divide persists today, but the voice of liberty, of democracy, of the people is now too little heard and still less regarded.

The New Alliance exists to serve the people as a help for the helpless, a hope for the hopeless, a voice for the voiceless, to let the voice of the people be heard, to let it roar like the lion rampant of Scotland, and so to give effect throughout our nation and our continent to that single great commandment of the ancient religion that Europe, and Britain, and Scotland took to their hearts: Thou shalt love.


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