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Call for citizen-whistleblowers to expose corruption

A foundation created by legendary screen actor Jimmy Stewart with the active support of President Ronald Reagan is launching a new initiative to support citizen whistleblowers of all kinds who step forward to expose corruption and abuses of power.

The American Spirit Foundation‘s Citizen’s Whistleblower Network is a new You Tube channel that will feature videos and first-hand accounts by citizens and independent investigative reporters.

Founded in 1989, the foundation was revived last year by Hollywood private investigator Becky Altringer. The organization’s overall aim is to “apply the resources and talent of the entertainment industry to build an Internet based social network of citizens who collaborate to implement new methods and strategies to protect fundamental constitutional rights and the vitality and accessibility of the American Dream for all.”

Altringer, president of the foundation, said the new social media campaign will enlist the support of the entertainment industry and concerned citizens.

The aim, she said, is “to organize, educate and energize citizens to demand and obtain accountability for what is fast becoming the greatest threat to liberty and the American Dream – corruption and abuse of power.”

Altringer, known in the entertainment industry as “Hollywood P.I. Becky,” was featured in the Academy Award-nominated documentary “This Film Is Not Rated.”

The foundation’s website has a whistleblower section that features foundation co-founder Peter Paul, whose exposure of Hillary Clinton’s handling of campaign finances led to the indictment of her campaign finance director and a fine assessed to her campaign for hiding Paul’s in-kind contribution of more than $750,000.

As WND reported, Paul is in a federal prison for manipulating the price of the stock in his company, from which he made the campaign donation, as it was collapsing. He blamed President Clinton in a lawsuit for sabotaging the company, Stan Lee Media, to get out of a $17 million agreement to serve as the company’s international promoter after he left the White House.

Calling himself a hidden political prisoner, Paul claims Attorney General Eric Holder and his Justice Department are obstructing justice by reneging on a sentencing agreement that would have released him from federal prison more than three years ago.

Paul is a former business partner of Spider-Man creator Stan Lee, who once served as chairman of the American Spirit Foundation. Paul was the foundation’s president and CEO.

“Hillary is carrying out her promise to finally destroy my family to punish me for exposing the corruption that elected her to the Senate,” Paul contended to WND in an email in March 2012 from the La Tuna federal facility in Anthony, Texas, near El Paso.

 Celebrating founding principles

The foundation was born after a three-year effort initiated by President Reagan, former Supreme Court Justice William Burger and California Gov. George Deukmejian to celebrate the bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. California luminaries such as boxer Muhammad Ali, astronaut Buzz Aldrin and actor Bob Hope helped lead the three-year celebration.

The Reagans at American Spirit Foundation event

One of its initiatives, “Entertainers for Education,” was launched by President and Mrs. Reagan to employ entertainment techniques to engage and teach struggling, “at-risk” students.

The foundation also was joined by the Smithsonian, the Armand Hammer Foundation and the Free Congress Foundation in projects that supported the newly emerging democracy movements in Poland and the former Soviet Union.

The foundation supported Polish President Lech Walesa’s efforts to obtain American support to bring democracy to Poland, and it backed Boris Yeltsin’s efforts to bring democracy to the former Soviet Union.

Recipients of the foundation’s Spirit of America Award, given to people whose “lives and careers demonstrated the vitality and success of those principles upon which the American Dream is based,” include Reagan, Yeltsin, Ali, Hope, Aldrin, Jaime Escalante, Yo Yo Ma, Helen Hayes, Irene Dunne, Richard O. Anderson, Roy Campanella, Buzz Aldrin, Rafer Johnson, George Argyros, Ernest Hahn, Howard Finster, Michael Crawford and Lew Wasserman.