Imagine a beautiful woman whom you adore and would rather be with than any other woman you have known. The problem is that she is dishonest. And even more insulting is that she believes she’s clever. And like most clever people, she mistakes your choosing not to confront her lies, dishonesty and subterfuge publicly as proof to herself of just how clever she is. But every man has a breaking point. And thus, when you’ve reached yours and confront this human equivalent of a “whitewashed sepulcher full of dead men’s bones,” she feigns insult and claims you don’t understand.

My friends, I’ve just described our government. There is no more beautiful form of government than ours, but it has been subverted by liars, cheaters and those who mistake our silence as proof of their capacity for cleverness. And one of the most in-our-face examples of same is the effort to force amnesty for illegal aliens upon us.

Craig Holman wrote, “One of the few good acts of the 112th Congress was applying the law against insider trading and mandating an online disclosure system of congressional stock trades so that compliance to the law could be monitored. Just one year later, Congress slashed critical provisions from the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act with a dull axe, leaving enforcement of the law seriously in question.”

Not only did Congress take a dull ax to its own legislation, but it hasn’t been heard of since, i.e., it’s back to business as usual. Such is the way with our federal government; it makes public displays of concern for you and me – but in the secretive enclaves of its reality, it conspires to profit by cheating and defiling our relationship with it. Most reading this are no doubt in agreement with what I have said thus far, but you’re wondering what this has to do with amnesty for illegal aliens.

A PRNewswire-USNewswire out of Mexico City July 28, 2011, is titled, “Mexico Becoming a New Manufacturing World Hub in the Aerospace Market.” It was followed by, “Quality of Work, Strong Engineering Skills, Cost Efficiencies, Safety and Security, and Visionary Mexican Framework Among Most Attractive Factors for International Aerospace Investors.” The number of aerospace manufacturing companies operating in Mexico is expected to increase from 232 in 2010 to more than 350 in 2015 – which brings me to the crux of the matter.

Recently I saw a commercial showing passenger airlines and immaculate high-tech settings at aeronautical facilities in Mexico with a voiceover saying Mexico is becoming the global hub of the aeronautical industry. The advertisement touted Mexico is No. 3 in the aerospace market. Guess who would have profited handsomely by buying and selling the stock of the aerospace companies and ancillary companies that are now based in Mexico – congressional members.

The push for amnesty didn’t start with Obama or this Congress. George W. Bush was a shameless supporter of amnesty for illegal aliens, defiantly boasting at a news conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, in June 2007, “I’ll see you at the signing [of my immigration bill].”

In March 2005, then-President Bush, joined by Canadian and Mexican leaders, announced to the world the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America,” which ostensibly guaranteed that the United States would be absorbed into one giant, borderless entity, i.e., a continental free-trade zone. In 2006, we were told not to believe the confirmed rumors of NAFTA Super-Highways extending from Mexico to Canada.  On April 30, 1992, President George H.W. Bush signed Executive Order No. 12803 on infrastructure privatization, clearing the way for private capital to invest in U.S. infrastructure projects, including highways.

The principal and rarely visible titans of industry and our financial institutions decades ago determined that Mexico would be a financially attractive arena in which to invest industry. I submit that they then set about buying presidents and congressmen to make sure that happened. This guaranteed them the legislation that was needed and/or would be needed to make that happen.

Mexico didn’t become No. 3 in aerospace and aeronautical industries over the course of a few years. Steps to accomplish that – complete with the requisite government subsidies and favorable legislation – were necessary. And I submit the easiest way for the titans who stood to gain billions by seeing their wishes fulfilled was to buy the desired results vis-à-vis politicians.

The congressional quid pro quo was their knowing which legislation would make them the most money by having advance knowledge of which bills would affect stock prices negatively or positively we can only speculate the tens of millions made by their profiting from insider trading. And when their insider trading ability was threatened, they simply legislated themselves a way around it.

Amnesty for illegal aliens isn’t being pushed out of concern for the illegals; it’s being pushed to benefit titans who stand to gain billions from industry in Mexico.

Mexico is dumping its uneducated and undesirables on us so as to provide safe, pristine environments for industry there. It doesn’t take genius to figure out if it were about employment alone, they would be hired by the aerospace industries there.

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