It’s fair to say that Ben Kinchlow is a leader in the black community. Although, you might not know it if you only watch NBC and read the New York Times. Kinchlow, too, has been around a long time and provides some wisdom and gravitas to new leaders like Allen West and Star Parker.

Kinchlow, for many years a co-host on Trinity Broadcasting Network, is now the founder of Americans for Israel, and co-host for popular radio program “Front Page Jerusalem.” So he’s a man of many talents and many interests.

In a new book, “Black Yellowdogs: The Most Dangerous Citizen Is Not Armed, But Uninformed,” he explains some truths about the American black community that are not commonly known.

It’s not a book that Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson would endorse, which is why you should read it.

Early on in this little volume, he explains that a “Black Yellowdog” is a black person who votes Democrat, no matter what. Years ago, the phrase “yellow-dog Democrat” described anyone who voted for the Democrat Party, no matter the candidate. There was a feeling – especially in the South – that the Democrats cared about “the little people” (although senators like Harry Reid have roamed the halls of Congress almost from the beginning).

Kinchlow sheds a bright light on the corruption and immoral positions taken by politicians who dupe voters and exist only to perpetuate their own power base. “Black Yellowdogs” is a fascinating read, and instructive for any demographic.

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Kinchlow, whose great-grandfather was born a slave, has important things to say to the black community. For example, his mother earned a master’s degree through sheer hard work, and the work ethic rubbed off:

“No one ever taught, thought or believed we were the government’s responsibility,” Kinchlow writes. “‘Relief’ (aka modern welfare), spoken of in whispers (‘not in front of the children’) was not a right, it was a disgrace, and to be ‘gotten off of’ as soon as humanly possible. Black pride wasn’t about Afros, dashikis (African clothing) and boys wearing braids. It was about the girl who didn’t get pregnant out of wedlock, but finished school, and the boy who got a degree or a steady job and supported the girl he had married, not gotten pregnant and abandoned.”


Kinchlow begins by giving a brief history of the slavery movement in America and offers some shocking historical data that wouldn’t find its way into an Al Sharpton speech. For example, the 1830 census of New Orleans showed that of the 10,689 free blacks, a staggering 3,000 were … slave owners. Point being, the narrative offered today by self-appointed leaders of the black community is not only flawed, but is horribly rigged to divide and force new race wars. Only when we understand our common history can we attempt to move forward together.

Kinchlow makes the obvious point – elegantly – that blacks are not “behind” whites in terms of intelligence. Therefore, they should roll up their sleeves and resolve to work hard to achieve and get ahead, and not rely on the welfare/entitlement state carefully crafted by power elites who wish only to use blacks as voters for left-wing politicians.

Kinchlow, a keen student of history, also provides in “Black Yellowdogs” a timeline of the civil rights movement, and how Reconstruction factored in after the gruesome Civil War. He provides an historical framework for truly understanding how we got to where we are today: an African-American president who, incredibly, is stoking race wars.

Kinchlow, however, has things like this to say: “America is the least racist, most accepting of culture and class of any country on the face of the earth (Been to Bosnia, Afria or the Middle East lately? And the French don’t like anybody very much).”

Further, Kinchlow reveals just how Democrat leaders have lied in order to portray themselves as the champion of the black man. In a speech to the NAACP in 2000, Al Gore (who received 90 percent of the black vote) alleged that his father lost his Senate seat because he supported civil rights legislation. In point of fact, according to Congressional Quarterly, Al Gore Sr. and all southern Democrats voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964! Think about that, black community. You’ve been lied to by those who claim to be your friends. Ironically, a Mitt Romney presidency would most likely have been the most pro-black business administration in several decades, perhaps ever.

Yet charlatans like Jackson, Sharpton, and Cornel West continue fooling the people.

It’s a shameful story that Ben Kinchlow has the courage to tell.

You need to listen to him.

Get your copy of “Black Yellowdogs” – autographed – from the WND SuperStore now!

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