Here’s a story that should make you really angry – I mean marching-in-the-streets mad.

It comes to us courtesy of an unlikely source – the Washington Post.

Washington is not supposed to be the place to move if you want to get rich. Politics is not the career one is supposed to pursue in America to live like a king. Government is not supposed to redistribute the wealth of hard-working Americans to benefit a select region of princes who dictate rules to the rest of the country.

But that is exactly what is happening in America today, and here’s the proof.

As the Washington Post story states clearly: “The avalanche of cash that made Washington rich in the last decade has transformed the culture of a once staid capital and created a new wave of well-heeled insiders.”

Check out these revelations:

  • During the past decade, the story reports, the Washington, D.C., area added 21,000 households in the nation’s top 1 percent. No other metro area came close.

  • The share of money the government spent on weapons and other hardware shrank as service contracts nearly tripled in value. At the peak in 2010, companies based in Democrat Rep. James Moran’s congressional district in Northern Virginia reaped $43 billion in federal contracts – roughly as much as the state of Texas. It’s worth noting Moran is a nutcase – one of the strongest advocates of Barack Obama’s plan to bomb Syria. By his voting record, he seems to be nothing less than the Muslim Brotherhood’s man on Capitol Hill.
  • Big companies realized that a few million spent shaping legislation could produce windfall profits. They nearly doubled the cash they poured into the capital.
  • Tens of thousands of the nation’s best-educated workers flocked to Washington.
  • Washington has been the beneficiary of a decade-long, taxpayer-funded stimulus package.
  • Remember how Washington was going to clean up its act with regard to the power and influence of lobbying? Think again. Pages in the Washington lobbying directory have quadrupled since 1981.
  • And how does the rest of the country fight back against the Washington money and power grab? Lawyers. The number of lawyers in the D.C. metro area increased by a third from 2000 to 2012, nearly twice as fast as the growth rate nationwide. And those lawyers have the highest mean salaries in the country.

As a resident of the area, I could look at this trend from a selfish perspective, recognizing how good it has been for my own real estate values.

But Washington has become like an oppressive, foreign imperial power – worse than anything the Founding Fathers faced with London in the 18th century. It is unaccountable. It exceeds its constitutional authority on a daily – even hourly – basis. It is using coercion and force against the truly productive private sector of the economy in a way that is both immoral and unsustainable.

Do average Americans just not see this?

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Are they all tranquilized by a media complex that has betrayed its central mission as a watchdog on government for a place at the power seat as a lapdog?

How bad will the situation have to get before Americans just flat-out say enough is enough?

I don’t get it.

I don’t understand why Americans are allowing their “public servants” to put a noose around their necks.

I don’t understand why we sit back and watch the Washington elite borrow and spend without a thought for the future of our children.

I know there are plenty of people on the dole – people who are conditioned to dependency and honestly believe that government officials have their best interests in mind when they let them eat the crumbs from their table. Nevertheless, I know there are tens of millions of Americans fed up with what they see happening in Washington but never get off their duff and do anything about it.

And when even the self-interested Washington Post begins to see how crazy the situation is, you know it’s bad.

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