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The time is now for a shadow government

Washington, D.C., with its fossilized political families, three-ring media circus and lobbyist hucksters hawking their re-election funds is like an aging old rocker concert that just won’t fade into the night.

The same cranial-sclerosified talking heads appear week after week in the same media circus ring, juggling the same soft-pitches for the camera while discussing how difficult it is to solve the problems that they have created over their careers. Pretty much everybody in D.C., from janitors to Janet Reno’s replacement, have lost touch not only with who sent them there, but why they were sent there at all!

What’s the point? These people are the problem! They have spent their entire lives creating the problems dragging us down today! How can you expect them to fix the problem?

This 24/7 three-ring circus will drone on and on, just like the orchestra on the Titanic played while the ship slipped beneath the icy waves of the Atlantic, carrying them all to their graves. They will never even notice until the water short-circuits the cables to the media cameras.

To the extent that anyone outside of the beltway imbibes in the beltway media circus, you allow the people who have created the problems to control the discussion about how to solve them. Does that seem wise?

What America needs is a shadow government. A single place where the “outside the beltway” party sets its own policy and with that policy drives the news agenda. (Remember, there are only two political parties.)

When John Kerry sets down Obama’s golf clubs while the Hawaiian performs the Kenyan sandbox dance and tosses the ball back out onto the fairway, and then issues a foreign-policy pronouncement, shadow.gov swings into action.

They immediately announce a pro-American policy, issue a statement as to why the Kenyan’s policy is bad for America, and urge him not to cheat at his golf game.

More importantly, shadow.gov would be driven by real-world events, and its responses would show what a sane government in America would actually look like. It would show what a fiscally conservative America would look like. It would show how to compassionately dismantle welfare and transfer it to the private sector – you know, the bloated, big-nickel leftist think tanks that have been raping taxpayers since the “charity’s” founders turned the organization over to “the kids.”

Shadow.gov would show how wise use of our abundant natural resources would economically heal the land and restore the middle class.

This would, of course, require opposition groups to work together. That is difficult, but not impossible. The real question is: Do the leaders of these groups love America as much as they say they do? Then set up a shadow government and act like it.

Do it for the children. Really.