Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your political viewpoint, I have friends whose views encompass an extremely wide spectrum. I have engaged in in-depth conversations with folks ranging from priests to atheists, and while I have not agreed with all points offered, I have tried to ascertain the basis for their beliefs. I know what I believe and why, and I desire to give others the opportunity to clarify their positions.

One of my friends is a producer in Hollywood. We will call him “MW” for this reason. Hollywood is rife with liberals who seek, but seldom grant, tolerance to differing viewpoints.

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MW loves America and is troubled by things he sees nationally and experiences locally. We usually talk by phone, but recent events so challenged him that he put his thoughts in an email. I thought what he had to say was challenging, whether or not one agrees with all his observations. The following is my friend’s rant:

“Where are my peers in Hollywood? Am I the only one concerned? This is not a Democratic or Republican issue any longer. This is an issue of exploitation, corruption, greed, fraud, embezzlement and no accountability by our legislative and executive branches of government. Pastors, rabbis and clerics need to separate themselves from the religious ‘right’ and ‘left.’ It’s time for all of us to unite under one umbrella and bring this nation back to the land of integrity, placing God at our helm for direction, and His protection. The gig is up, folks! Doesn’t it make you sick when you hear a politician say, “God bless America”? Why on earth would He bless us? We’ve flipped our middle finger up at Him. We curse Him on film, television and periodicals, but cry out for His protection when calamity hits home.

“Where have you gone Mario Savio, Martin Luther King Jr., Bobby Kennedy and Ronald Reagan? How on Earth could we have allowed this mess we are in today to have occurred? Has it really been 50 years since the ‘free-speech’ movement ignited a generation, starting at U.C. Berkley, Mario? Has it only been 48 years since Bobby supported the farm workers of California, embraced civil rights and spoke out against injustice? Does it really seem like 33 years ago an actor-turned-politician became the most popular president of the 20th century because he understood the common people of America and the everyday trials we go through with government interference in our lives?

“These four men had one thing in common: They all loved their country enough to not sit back and be taken over by special interest groups. The Democratic Party then represented the average working-class family. Their candidates were social mainstream and would be considered ‘conservative’ by today’s standards. They were led by John F. Kennedy, a man who demanded less government, an end to communist aggression around the world and less taxes. His brother, Bobby, led the crusade against injustice for those who were oppressed by heavy-handed labor unions absorbed in corruption, and not representing the American worker.

“The Republican Party represented the elite of corporate America. They were perceived as ‘elitist,’ led by the ‘blue blood’ Rockefeller family of New York. They did not embrace civil rights in the same manner as their rival, yet they also believed in less government and lower taxes. They had a new guy come on the block who came from the Democratic Party; his name was Ronald Wilson Reagan. Like his friend, John Kennedy, he wanted the Republican Party to return to the hard-working American family. He truly represented the American family because of his Midwest upbringing of faith, family and love of country.

“There was a radical move afoot at the University of California Berkley, led by a young radical named Mario Savio. Today, few people remember this young rebel, but he changed the course of America. At the same time, a young black civil rights leader, MLK Jr., charged to the front, demanding an end to segregation and a new beginning for equal opportunity for all, not special rights for a few. Oh, how ‘the times, they are a changin,’ as Bob Dylan once sang.

“John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert and Martin Luther King Jr. were assassinated. There is little doubt today these crimes were conspired by an evil bent on destroying our moral fiber. Sadly, it seems to have worked.

“Today we have elected political leaders who have made public service ‘self-serving,’ at our expense. Our two-party system is in critical condition; it no longer works, because the American people have neglected its upkeep. We are involved in wars that are not justified. We have become not only a nation no longer considering the great heritage of which God is our very foundation, but a people now giving allowances to our military leaders to remove Him from the lives of those great young men and women who defend us daily. The U.S. Army recently labeled a Christian periodical and association as ‘hateful.’ Less than two weeks later, the U.S. Air Force Academy no longer requires the words ‘so help me God’ in taking the oath.

“During the turbulent ’60s and ’70s, we stopped a war in Southeast Asia on the campuses of America because a young Mario Savio chose to speak out against the injustice of censoring free speech. The First Amendment gives us the right to free speech. Today we have over 58,000 names of our brothers on a wall in Washington, D.C. If the war had not been stopped, how many more would have been added? Do you see a similar pattern developing today, nearly 40 years later? If it were not for our great First Amendment right to free speech, I dread to think where we would be today. Our enemy today is not a war far away in Vietnam, but a government perhaps more deadly than anything we have ever faced.

“Is it going to take our Second Amendment to turn this mess around, or do we do the proper thing and remove every political incumbent from office in November 2014 and 2016? When the human body has a cancer, it has to be removed. Our present members of Congress have become a Stage 3 cancer, and surgery must take place immediately. If it goes to Stage 4, it will become terminal, with death on the doorstep.

“Do we need a revolution in our country? You decide! The hour is late.”

So thinkest MW. What thinkest thou?


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