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These people are declaring flu shots safe?

Michael Savage

Flu season is here, and this week Dr. Savage reiterated his skepticism about the flu vaccine.

For one thing, he told listeners, “The vaccines contain harmful ingredients that the Centers For Disease Control lists on its own website: formaldehyde, detergents, allergens and more. I recommend you study this topic before you listen to the federal government on flu shots (Free audio).

“Are you really going to trust the same people who told you could keep your health care plan?” Savage asked (Free audio).

After ultra-leftist Bill de Blasio was elected mayor on Tuesday night, Savage reminded his audience that de Blasio was a pro-Sandinista progressive who’d visited the U.S.S.R. during the Cold War.

With this new mayor, Savage predicted, “Tammany Hall will be back in New York City.”

Rush Limbaugh

After Ken Cuccinelli’s narrow defeat in Virginia, Limbaugh came down hard on the GOP establishment.

“He was betrayed by his own party,” Rush declared. “Here was their chance to have a Republican governor in the state of Virginia, and they didn’t care.”

In fact, Limbaugh said, “They didn’t want him to win; this is the dirty little secret. I don’t even think it’s a secret now.”

As for the Obamacare fiasco, Rush called it worse than Watergate.

“Richard Nixon resigned over a lie that was much less damaging than this one,” Limbaugh declared, referring to Obama’s repeated instance that Americans who were satisfied with their existing insurance plans could keep them.

Aaron Klein

Listener favorite Jackie Mason joined Klein this week to present his own distinctive take on the health-care rollout.

The veteran comedian stated bluntly that Obama is “always lying every day of his life. … A guy like this should be locked up. … If he wasn’t the president, he’d be in jail or in a sanitarium. He wouldn’t be outside talking to people in this condition.”

On a very different note, former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton talked about the increasing number of U.S. allies who are questioning their ties to America.

Klein also looked into Obama’s apparent purging of the military, in light of this year’s firings of nine generals and flag officers (Free audio).

Mark Levin

Levin apparently left his keyboard’s “caps key” locked when he posted his response to the defeat of Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli.


Laura Ingraham

“Chris Christie is the greatest political speaker I’ve ever seen” – Tucker Carlson made that bold statement on Laura’s show this week. The Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Caller called Tuesdays’ gubernatorial elections a microcosm for the national battles to come (Free audio).

Carlson explained that McAuliffe defeated Cuccinelli by “scaring suburban women on abortion [and] scaring nonwhite voters with the idea that the Republican Party is the white party and they hate you. This has been the Obama playbook from day one: racial fears and abortions.”

Glenn Beck

Magician and author Penn Jillette joined Beck to talk about his new movie, which will feature a cameo appearance by Glenn himself.

Jillette, a highly vocal atheist, talked about telling his friends that “one of the things that changed my mind about religion was Glenn Beck being able to disagree with me on all sorts of things, and actually being a nice guy to be around, and being fair.”

Beck is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints, so some listeners may have been startled to hear him refer to Orrin Hatch and Harry Reid as “two spooky Mormons.”

He was particularly worried about Hatch’s possible ties to the National Security Agency’s data center in Utah, and wondered if the center might pose as a target for terrorists.