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When building homes is bad

Editor’s note: Joseph Farah, along with “The Harbinger” author Jonathan Cahn, is leading a tour of 400 in Israel through Nov. 17. All of his columns during this period will focus on the big issues facing Israel – along with some shocking facts you won’t find anywhere else.

Sometimes I’m convinced I live in a parallel universe known as Bizarro World.

I get this feeling more and more since Barack Obama moved into the White House.

I look around and I see perfectly normal and acceptable behavior condemned roundly by members of the Obama administration. Then I watch in amazement as they excuse and rationalize some of the most destructive and dangerous behavior imaginable.

What am I talking about?

But then, Israel announces it will build homes in its own country, in its own capital city – and Obama goes ballistic.

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It has happened time and time again. Israel’s population is growing. It needs more housing for its people. Many of them would, understandably, like to live near Jerusalem. But Obama denounces these beautiful housing developments and condo projects in and around the eternal Jewish capital as “settlements,” suggesting they are somehow military-style efforts to push out Arabs. It’s ridiculous.

This is Bizarro World – or maybe it’s just Obama World.

If Israel were America’s 51st state, which it most definitely is not, Obama would have no business involving himself in urban development policies in its capital. But Israel is an independent sovereign state – one that happens to reside in a very tough neighborhood and that happens to be one of the U.S.’ few dependable allies. It’s also a nation that governs itself according to the precepts of the civilized world, electing its leaders, respecting the rights of its citizens and non-citizens alike and protecting freedom of speech and religion.

More disturbing is the fact that Israeli leaders have, on more than one occasion, agreed to stop building – even to stop making repairs on homes in certain areas of the country.

That’s crazy! Israel should be encouraged by Obama’s virulent, hateful reaction to its plan to build homes in around Jerusalem. Israel should consider it a blessing.

Israel should say, “Hey, this guy hasn’t been right about one thing since he took office. So we must be following the right course of action here.”

Israel should say, “Hey, we won’t tell Obama where Americans can build houses if they don’t tell us where to build.”

Israel should say, “Hey, Jews were told where they could live and not live before – in Nazi Germany – and we won’t let it happen again.”

Why is Obama meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign, law-abiding state like Israel? I mean, doesn’t he have enough problems to worry about here in the United States where he turns problems into crises on an hourly basis?

It’s been just 68 years since the Holocaust – when half the Jewish population of Europe was exterminated. Would someone please tell me why we should be upset that Jews are building homes for themselves in the capital of their homeland?

How can anyone in good conscience condemn this appropriate, rational behavior by Israel while excusing countless crimes against humanity by Israel’s enemies?

Worse yet, how does most of the rest of the world look at the Obama administration’s reaction without rebuking it in the strongest terms?

The answer?

It’s easy.

Welcome to Bizarro World.

Welcome to Obama World – where up is down, left is right, right is wrong and Jews get permission before building houses.

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