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Why Obama is worse than a socialist

Michael Savage

Dr. Savage was incensed by the number of “radical left-wing social engineers” who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom this week.

Instead of awarding such an honor to the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton, Savage said, “The heroes who really deserved the Presidential Medal of Freedom are the Navy SEALs who were killed in action – or executed – in that helicopter accident that’s been swept under the rug by Obama and his minions” (Free audio).

President Obama joked with a reporter that his critics wouldn’t continue to call him a socialist if they actually met “real socialists” abroad.

Savage scoffed, observing that Obama is, in fact “worse than a Euro-socialist. They could never get away with what Obama gets away with. In Europe, they’re not hamstrung with white guilt.”

“As well,” he continued, “their parliamentary systems give the people an opportunity to dismiss a rogue, corrupt or incompetent regime. We don’t have that luxury here, unfortunately. We have to wait another three years” (Free audio).

Rush Limbaugh

After the Senate voted to abolish the so-called “nuclear option” – the ability to filibuster on presidential nominees – Limbaugh declared, “They just changed 250 years’ worth of rules on advise and consent” (Free audio).

“Folks, this is part and parcel of why the Democrats are so hell-bent on winning the House in 2014,” Limbaugh explained. “Winning the House would give them total, authoritarian, non-challengeable control over the U.S. government.”

Limbaugh is a well-known football fan. That’s why it pains him to see one of his predictions coming true: that America would turn against football, coming to view it as an inexcusably dangerous and even racist sport. Limbaugh pointed to yet another handwringing column by an influential sports writer, who is now saying just that (Free audio).

Aaron Klein

By now many Americans realize that their president lied to them about Obamacare. But do they know who crafted the now-discredited talking point that they could keep their insurance policies if they liked them? Only Aaron Klein has the answer (Free audio).

Also this week: Klein reveals that one of the most important economic treaties in American history is being negotiated in secret. He also continues his ongoing, in depth investigation in the Benghazi scandal.

Mark Levin

Levin has little patience with the Republican establishment. While young people and independents are increasingly turning against Obamacare, Levin notes, the GOP leadership still has no plan to abolish it or even demand concessions.

“This is a disaster,” he declared (Free audio).

This week, Levin blasted media mogul Oprah Winfrey’s outrageous comments about American racism.

“Where do people from the Third World want to come?” Levin asked rhetorically. “They want to come here” (Free audio).

If the United States is such an evil nation, Levin continued, “Why do people come here by the millions? … I find [Oprah] despicable.”

Laura Ingraham

Will New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie run for president in 2016? Laura Ingraham asked former candidate Newt Gingrich what he thought of Christie’s chances.

“Christie won a remarkable election,” Gingrich acknowledged. “We should all respect it and we should all look at it … but he did it in New Jersey with a substantive New Jersey message.”

Dr. Charles Krauthammer told Ingraham that he hopes to see “Obamacare abolished by the Democrats” rather than the Republicans.

Unless that happens, he warned, “You’re going to have for the next 50 years people creating the legend that ‘the Republicans were the party of no,'” instead of the forward-thinking heroes who led the fight to repeal it (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

On Monday, Beck told listeners that he’s shifting his show’s focus from slavishly covering the news of the day to helping “empower people” (Free audio).

He says he’ll do this by offering more “uplifting and inspiring interviews,” focusing on real solutions to real problems instead of just complaining about the current situation.

Beck also launched his new book, “Miracles and Massacres,” which relates many “true, untold” stories in American history that never make it into textbooks.

Among other things, the book reveals that “Tokyo Rose” wasn’t the traitor she was made out to be during World War II, and that what you think you know about Paul Revere and other historical figures may not be true.