(ABCNEWS.GO) — In the pantheon of classic Christmas movie characters, young Ralph “Ralphie” Parker, with his glasses and bright eyes, from the film “A Christmas Story” may be among the most recognizable. Now his house, or at least the one in which the 1983 comedy took place, is being auctioned today for a two-night stay in celebration of the film’s 30-year anniversary.

Brian Jones, 37, has been a fan of the movie ever since he watched the film with his family as a child in the 80s. When Jones got out of the Navy years ago, he went so far as to start a leg lamp business. Then in 2004, he bought the home in Cleveland that is depicted as the Parker family home for $150,000. It was a rental property for a couple years until his museum opened in Nov. 2006, after $240,000 in renovation costs.

The Cleveland home is known as A Christmas Story House and Museum, and is open year-round to the public for tours. While many of the film’s scenes were taped on a sound stage in Canada, some scenes were shot in the house in Cleveland.

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