A bus driver in Russia is being hailed as “heroic” after his quick actions saved the lives of 30 passengers on Nov. 29.

Local reports from Omsk, Siberia, population over 1,150,000, explain the bus was en route through the center of the city, near the mayor’s office, when the driver first noticed the bus was on fire. He quickly pulled the vehicle over and ordered the passengers off the bus.

Russia Today reports the driver “barely had time to jump out” himself before the entire vehicle burst into flames.

After the driver disembarked, however, the drama for bystanders really began.

As the video above shows, the engulfed bus then began to roll, driverless, through the city streets.

“It was like a scene out of a movie,” a bystander told The Siberian Times.

The fireball bus then found a decline and began to gain speed as it rolled downhill towards a lake, witnesses said. Narrowly missing pedestrians and crossing traffic, the bus eventually crashed into a fence, which brought its fiery journey to a halt.

The Times headlined its article on the incident, “Heroic driver saves his passengers as fireball bus rampages through city centre.”

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According to Digital Journal, there were no casualties reported, and the bus burned itself out by the time firefighters arrived.

Authorities suspect the fire may have been started by electrical malfunction, and a commission has been established to ascertain the cause.

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