Football fans awed speechless

Peter Hanby of CNN tweeted a photo that pretty much said it all when Auburn scored a last minute victory over Alabama during last Saturday’s game. According to Twitchy, social media “exploded with Auburn’s last minute 34-28 victory over Alabama, courtesy of a stunning last-second field goal return that had jaws dropping.”

Tweeted Adam Henry, “The world’s jaw just fell on the floor. .”

And capping it off just for good measure, this tweet from “Lana”: “Moment of silence for WHAT THE HELL DID WE JUST WATCH.” Priceless.

And below? Prescience.

Turkey tweets

CBS reporter Mark Knoller served up a heaping helping of Thanksgiving turkeys with these tweet treats, thoroughly sating everyone’s appetite for a plateful of silly stuffing! To wit, this cornucopia of musings:

“Sure is crowded at LAX this morning. Lotsa families and little kids. Where’s everybody going?”

“Gate attendant just announced flight to Orlando is ‘extremely full.’ Is that fuller than just ‘full?'”

“Gate clerk just announced my flight is ‘extremely sold out,’ as opposed to just ‘sold out.'”

Hmmm, a little arugula on the side?

“Why are all these kids going to Orlando? What can you do in Orlando on a four-day weekend? Probably, fundraising.”

“Hope they have that TV service on my flight home. Would hate missing the presidential turkey pardon this afternoon.”

“Today’s event will bring Pres. Obama’s pardon total to: people 39, turkeys 10.”

“I was gonna fly back on AF-1, but they were overbooked and offering $300 health care voucher to those willing to fly back commercial.”

Knoller’s tweet about hoodies raised more than a few turkey tail feathers too:

“What’s with the Unabomber look? Young men wearing hoodies over their head indoors. Surprised TSA lets ’em.”

“Uh oh. Hoodie man getting on my flight. Probably an Air Marshal.”

Read on… White House Thanksgiving, Christmas Trees, Healthcare websites and pie desserts straight ahead.

Speaking of Thanksgiving…

Twitterer Jim Geraghty wanted to know, “So … how did everyone’s Obamacare discussions go?”

Geraghty was following up on Organizing for Obama – oops, scratch that – Organizing for Action’s OFA-approved Obamacare talking points for Thanksgiving dinner table talk.

Tweeted Taylor Roth: “Thanksgiving dinner was great, but I really wish there would have been more ObamaCare discussion.

Pundit Review tweeted:”Good news! My uncle who brought up Obamacare at the dinner table yesterday should be able to eat solid foods again by Christmas!”

Twitchy’s twitter team, which aggregated these funny tweets and more, wrote: “For some families, Obamacare at the holiday table was a recipe for disaster. New Thanksgiving tradition: Screaming arguments. Thanks, Obama.”

Jammie Wearing Fools suggested handing out the results of the Quinnipiac Poll showing Big Turkey’s all time low of 34 percent approval in Ohio, 61 percent disapproval: “This Thanksgiving, print out the Q poll and share with you family what a miserable failure @BarackObama is.”

When the Rev. Al Sharpton “jumped on the bandwagon of training Democrats how to handle themselves when dealing with conservatives over Thanksgiving dinner,” Politics Nation tweeted: “Worried about dealing w/a conservative family member tmrw? Get your copy of @TheRevAl‘s Turkey Tips right here:”

Actor Allen Covert tweeted some pre-holiday advice about stuffing the bird: “Try talking to me about healthcare tomorrow during dinner and you will find out if the ER can remove a turkey leg from your a–.”

And finally, these twitterings from the always hilarious Iowahawk:

Heh … gobble, gobble!

Amusement park

The website is still not working, but it’s not working much faster now.

Mission Accomplished!

Finally! The world explained!

Here are maps that show everything you ever wondered about. Well, almost everything. Example: What is the longest straight line you can possibly sail? Where do rubber ducks wash up when dumped into the sea?

Rube Ad-berg

Imagine how long it took to put this TV ad together? This may be one of the toughest and best commercials ever made. Hours and hours of planning, coordinating, rehearsing … trial and error. So many things could have gone wrong with this dog of a spot!


There’s a lot of buzz about the “How to Fight a Baby” video that’s been viewed over nine million times. Some think it’s a hoot. Others, not so much. Take a look and tell us what you think.

Here’s what some folks, including comedian Greg Gutfeld, are saying about it.

Commented another: “The baby should have done what other babies in fights do … close WWII Memorials.”

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