Much of the national conversation now seems to be carried on by children under the age of 5, with 2 being the most common age.

The nation’s press corps, having seen the nation’s political discourse dumbed down to the point where they can now understand and report on it, eagerly encourage the resultant “debate.”

The vast majority of politicians – who understand that the nation’s memory, despite its young age, has reached the point of advanced Alzheimer’s – eagerly indulge them. After all, why try to explain what you are really doing when a pithy soundbite is what carries your re-election?

And that’s just the Republicans.

Make no mistake, folks; America is in the final stages of empireitis. I think in the aviation world it is referred to as a graveyard spiral or a death spiral. Everyone on board thinks things are fine, but the pilot has lost control of the airplane. While the Republicans and Democrats yell, scream and grandstand, arguing about who is going to spend the money on their pet projects, the ship of state is getting ready to crater.

The national conversation today seems to be about tiny bits of much larger problems that have fallen off and landed down near our feet, where we can all see them. Finally somebody bends down, picks up the bit, dusts it off and demands to know what everybody else is going to do about it!

Here is just one example. Any time welfare spending comes up during budget discussions, two sides quickly form: those who want to increase it, and those who want to decrease it.

Yet the real question about welfare that needs to be asked is, why do we need it?

And the real answer about why we need such spending is quite simple. We need welfare because of generations of failed government social policies that have devastated the working-class family, destroyed religious prohibitions on self-destructive behavior, exported working-class jobs to other nations, and imprisoned welfare mothers in Section 8 housing or public housing enclaves. Just how, pray tell, is a welfare mother who sees nothing but other welfare mothers supposed to plan her exit from public dependency?

This condition came about because of a union-run public indoctrination system masquerading as publicly funded education. Because it was indoctrination, not education, it destroyed the path of self-betterment that real education has always provided.

But do we talk about this? Of course not! We talk about how much to increase or cut the phony paychecks we hand to the victims of our national simplemindedness.

Does anybody like the current system? You bet! Section 8 housing landlords. Contractors who build government public housing. Big-city bureaucrats who run the housing. Prison contractors and public employee unions who get to take care of the overflow from public housing. And drug dealers, legal and illegal, who sell temporary exits from the prison walls we have erected around LBJ’s Great Society and its inmates, all of whom are so lovingly cared for by generations of “progressives” who live on the other side of town.

And don’t forget those grocery and convenience store corporations who love food stamp bennie cards and welfare paychecks, along with the medical clinics that exist by serving Medicaid patients. All funded with nice, reliable cash flows transferred by government each and every month from the makers to the takers.

Just before airplane impact in a graveyard spiral, if the weather and clouds momentarily clear, you may glimpse the ground and graveyard headstones somewhere up above you, or off to the left or right. That is your first realization that the airplane has not been flying straight and level to your destination, but rather has been rolling over and over, with each roll tightening up and taking the airplane into a deeper and deeper descent.

Long before that sudden realization, the airplane’s path became irreversible. Control surfaces, engineering limits, physical laws and structural failure lie ahead. The passengers just don’t know. And so they continue on, yabbering to one another about the weather, the miracles of modern technology and the next election.

For them, and for America, it no longer matters.

Author’s postscript: When I transmit this column and look at the date, I realize it is my last column before Christmas. Perhaps I should set it aside and write a message of hope for the season? It is painful to see a nation withdraw itself from God’s care and protection, when we know what lies ahead. Yet it illustrates how late in the hour is the time on God’s clock for this age. And in the end, that is why Christmas still matters! Nations come and nations go, but God’s gift of love that is Christmas is eternal.

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