Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh put a positive spin on A&E’s suspension of “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson.

“It’s too soon to know, but I’m not sure this is a loss in the traditional sense,” Limbaugh said. Instead, he mused, the incident could serve as “a tipping point” that will inspire conservatives to mobilize.

Sign the petition telling A&E to reinstate Phil Robertson to “Duck Dynasty” and to apologize to Phil’s millions of fans and supporters. WND will deliver it to A&E!

In the wake of another school shooting, Limbaugh noted that, “The media doesn’t want you to know this, but practically every one of these young kids shooting up schools is inspired by something to do with leftism, socialism, what have you.

“When they can’t tie them to the tea party,” Rush continued, “you don’t hear about them anymore. You hear about the mental health problem. What mental health problem? Liberalism, guaran-damn-teed, is what’s causing this” (Free audio).

Michael Savage

“Stop taking vitamins,” Savage said, “if you’re a liberal.”

Dr. Savage slammed the media for touting a flawed study on the efficacy of vitamin supplements. He pointed out, “All the same people who tell you that sugar and salt are bad for you turn around and say marijuana is healthy. The media are just ignorant shills for the drug industry. They’re drug peddlers,” (Free audio).

He also raised the alarm about the new “mental illnesses” listed in the most recent edition of the diagnostic “bible” psychiatrists use. Savage noted that “questioning authority” is now considered a symptom of mental illness and warned that the government could use such phony “symptoms” to silence its critics (Free audio).

Aaron Klein

What are President Obama’s plans for the next few years? Aaron Klein thinks he knows, and these plans include issuing troubling “executive actions” after the 2014 midterm elections.

Klein also talks about his ongoing investigation into the Benghazi massacre, claiming that Obama thwarted attempts to arrest the leading suspect. Other pressing topics include John Kerry’s troubling plans for Jerusalem and the latest “clean energy” scheme from Solyndra, coming soon to a neighborhood near you (Free audio).

Laura Ingraham

Listeners sent condolences to Ingraham all week, following the death of her father, whom she called a true “patriot.”

She and her children created a seasonal tribute to the World War II veteran who “loved America”: a snowman topped with his favorite old hat.

Mark Levin

Levin announced that on Jan. 5, 2014, he’ll be the featured guest author on C-SPAN’s prestigious and popular show, “BookTV’s In Depth.” He’ll be discussing his most recent book, “The Liberty Amendments,” along with his other bestsellers.

On the air, a combative Levin issued a message to Speaker John Boehner: “We don’t give a damn if you like us or not. … You’re supposed to work for us, not the other way around.”

Levin widened his criticism to included other “establishment” Republicans and think tanks, few of whom, he says, are successfully pushing truly conservative policies (Free audio).

He reminded Republican leaders that Americans are “citizens first and foremost, not anybody’s ‘base.'” Those citizens, he added, have “awakened” by the “tens of millions” and are a force to be reckoned with (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

Beck made a tantalizing offer to the Robertson family of “Duck Dynasty” fame: They could choose to stick with the network that suspended their patriarch for “homophobia,” or they could join his burgeoning TheBlaze TV network (Free audio).

“You will either be [fired], or you will be the most powerful people the country has ever seen on television,” Beck said. “You already have all of the juice you’re ever gonna get. And if you take a stand and they fire you … we’ll be on the phone. We would be proud to have you.

“Make your stand,” he added. “You will never have a better chance. And quite honestly, you’re our best shot as people. If we don’t get people to wake up to the fact that this is fascism, that we are not allowed to have another opinion, they’re never going to wake up.”

Sign the petition telling A&E to reinstate Phil Robertson to “Duck Dynasty” and to apologize to Phil’s millions of fans and supporters. WND will deliver it to A&E!

Imagine Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and other conservative “superstars” under one roof, as part of a “summit” in 2014. Beck hinted at such an eventuality when he chatted with Sean Hannity and his guest Ann Coulter this week (Free audio).

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