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Bipartisan budget sellout

This budget deal stinks to high heaven.

Republicans have an opportunity to increase substantially their majority in the House and recapture control of the Senate next year as Americans finally wake up to the nightmare of Obamacare.

But if Republicans approve the sellout budget compromise authored by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., they will further blur the distinctions between the two parties and dim their chances for a 2014 electoral blowout.

So fearful of another government shutdown that they believe cast Republicans in a negative light a few months ago, GOP leaders settled for a budget deal that offers no fundamental spending reform at all. It’s simply a continuation of business as usual.

Once again, the establishment of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party seem to agree with this course – as does the media “Fourth Estate.”

But let’s get real! Do you know anyone in America who is angry with Republicans for forcing a shutdown of the government earlier this year? Of course not. Americans are angry about the effects of Obamacare becoming a reality in their lives. Republicans should seize on this anger by refusing to fund Obamacare in the new budget deal. That would underline the difference between the two parties for 2014 – if only there were one.

It’s time for all Republicans to recognize Paul Ryan does not live up to his mythological image of the conservative budgeting genius. He got mugged by Patty Murray. And suffice it to say Patty Murray is not a rocket scientist.

Even conservative-lite Sen. Marco Rubio opposes this deal, saying: “This budget continues Washington’s irresponsible budgeting decisions by spending more money than the government takes in.” That’s certainly an understatement. The government is continuing to spend nearly $1 trillion a year more than it takes in.

How bad is this budget? So bad that Barack Obama approves of it. Do I need to say more?

“This agreement doesn’t include everything I’d like – and I know many Republicans feel the same way,” Obama said. “That’s the nature of compromise. … The American people should not have to endure the pain of another government shutdown for the next two years.”

It’s enough to make you think Republican leadership really doesn’t care about winning in 2014. Either that or they actually believe the media narrative that taking a hard line on borrowing and spending isn’t a popular idea with Americans.

Every poll shows it is a very popular issue – not only with Republicans and independents, but even with Democratic voters. It’s all in how you frame the issue. The Republican establishment has failed miserably at telling a compelling story of the disaster that is at our doorstep due to out-of-control borrowing and spending in Washington. Maybe they don’t even believe it themselves.

But, if they pass this budget deal, their fingerprints are all over the plan to increase borrowing and spending – even as the deficit nears $18 trillion.

Methinks I was right in 2010 when I began the “No More Red Ink Campaign.” It’s still the only game in town for those who agree it’s time for Republicans simply to say no to the next debt limit increase. They have total control over excessive borrowing with one negative vote of the House majority.

Only if they hear from Americans by the millions through a campaign like this will they get message.

Are you willing to take one minute and a small investment to deliver it?


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