Michael Savage

When it came to covering the Nelson Mandela memorial, most commentators focused on President Obama’s tacky “selfie” or his handshake with Castro. Dr. Savage, however, was more concerned about Obama’s speech, in which he compared Mandela to America’s Founding Fathers (Free audio).

“That’s like saying our Founding Fathers were communists,” said Savage. After all, “Mandela was a member of the Communist Party who supported the murderous dictatorship in Cuba” and other far left regimes.

Dr. Savage is an expert on natural healing who doesn’t hesitate to criticize modern medicine when he feels it’s appropriate. In the case of the flu shot, he’s against it, telling his audience that we can reduce our chances of coming down with such illness by practicing simple common sense hygiene, like regular hand washing with soap and water (Free audio).

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh slammed the “drive-by media” for treating Obama’s appearance at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service as the president’s “second inaugural” (Free audio).

“This whole week is about Barack Obama,” said Limbaugh. “That’s what the script is. … It’s all about him assuming Mandela’s place” and “assuming the mantle of world leftist leadership.”

The real problem with Obamacare, Limbaugh said, goes way beyond a broken website. The fact is, almost everything government tries to manage turns out to be a disaster (Free audio).

“You know, I don’t care where you go, I don’t care what you look at, whatever the news is, nothing is working, nothing can be relied on, nothing that the government has anything to do with can be relied on,” Limbaugh said. “Unemployment news, health care has now been totally bollixed. This is an absolute disaster.”

Aaron Klein

Who else but Aaron Klein brings listeners exclusive interviews with the chief Palestinian mufti, challenging his shocking comments about the Jewish people? (Free audio).

Also this week, Klein investigates the shifts in global power that favor Russia and China while weakening the United States. Within minutes of announcing his dubious deal with Iran, President Obama lied twice then contradicted himself! Klein has the story.

Laura Ingraham

Radio host, author, Reagan speechwriter … and cartoon superhero? It’s true: Laura Ingraham’s life has been turned into a comic book as part of a series designed to showcase female political leaders on the left and right.

Ingraham’s on-air guests this week included Mike Tanner of the Cato Institute, who said the budget deal is bad for conservatives, and South Carolina Republican Congressman Mike Tanner, who declared that there is no support for amnesty in the House (Free audio).

Mark Levin

Levin reserved much of his ire this week for the Republican Party.

“We have over a 90-trillion-dollar unfunded liability,” he pointed out. “And ladies and gentlemen, soon it’s 100 trillion dollars. You know what that means? That means our kids and their kids and every future generation is going to be destroyed. Because there’s not enough currency on the face of the earth to address that.

“Do they not understand that the whole damn thing is gonna shut down and collapse?” (Free audio).

Levin also accused Speaker John Boehner of purging a top conservative from the Republican Study Committee, because the RSC has regularly dared to criticize Boehner’s leadership from the right (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

It looks like Rush Limbaugh isn’t the only talk radio host who’s musing about getting into the theme park business.

Now Glenn Beck is threatening to give the Disney Corporation some competition.

Beck said Disney is “hollowing out everything” and that “Disney as you know it is over … they just don’t know it yet” (Free audio).

He went on: “Somebody is going to build a new park. Somebody is going to start making new movies. Somebody is going to challenge them for this title. … I’m going to die trying because I think it’s takeable.”

Beck has spoken frankly in the past about his health problems, including one doctor’s diagnosis that he may one day lose his eyesight. This week, he revealed that he “has a weird thing that doctors have been trying to figure out … for a long time. And the doctor just said, ‘Stop. Stop looking. It’s not going to kill you; it’s just going to make your life miserable. So let’s just stop.'”

The “thing” had manifested itself that morning as a temporary inability to move his arms when he woke up (Free audio).

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