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2013 – Back to the Future!

The face of the future shows the “eyes” have it. How the human face might look tomorrow. Here’s looking at you?

Where are the kids?

It’s almost 2014. Do you know where your kids are? Tracking where they’re migrating on social media:

Top shots of 2013

Earth Shots selected a moonlit view of Nubble Light for its 2013 Christmas Day photo. The lighthouse is located some 100 yards from the tip of Cape Neddick near York Beach, Maine. “Moon over Nubble” was taken by New Hampshire-based photographer Michael Blanchette whose gallery of photos can be viewed at his Facebook page and Flickr.

Earth Shots is a Photo of the Day contest celebrating the beauty and diversity of our planet and features the best photographs submitted by its visitors.

Also, check out Reuters’ fascinating selection for Best Photos of the Year 2013, in which the news organization offers 93 of the most memorable images that helped define 2013. Like this one – Image No. 83 captured by Dan Lampariello on his iPhone:

“When I woke up on April 15, I had no idea I was going to take a photo that would be seen by millions of people around the globe. I came to watch the marathon, as I do every year, with my family and girlfriend. Patriots Day in Boston is always a day of camaraderie, joy and excitement. No one ever thinks that something will ruin that.

When the first bomb went off at the finish line, no one had any idea what had happened. All we saw was a large amount of smoke rising into the sky. So I just started taking pictures of the situation – taking them as fast as my finger could press the capture button on my iPhone. That’s when the second explosion went off. Everyone I was with turned and ran. We had no idea what was coming next. All we knew is that we needed to get out of the area.

I had no idea what I had caught on my iPhone until I started looking back through the photos once we were in a safe spot. I immediately posted it to Twitter so people could see what had happened.”

Twitchy’s Top Tweets for 2013!

Top 15 embarrassing “oops” tweets.”

Top 20 deleted tweets of the year.

Top 5 Celebrity meltdowns.

It’s the real thing?

Honest Slogans devotes itself to coming up with how corporate slogans might look if they were really being honest about the goods and services they sold. Can you come up with others?

Business Insider gives readers its take on the phenomenon. And for more fun, here are other brand slogans you’ll never see companies adopt!

And how about this guy who draws horrible corporate logos – and makes a living at it!

How you like them apples?

Biting off more than they can chew? Apple has big plans for 2014. Just iWatch and see!

New Year’s resolution: Read more!

Reddit recently asked users “what is a book that everyone needs to read at least once in their life“?

Here are the top 35 books based on Reddit reader responses.

Here’s more: A list of books that will change your life.

Hey, Honey?

Do you know the one food that never, ever spoils? The answer to that question and a list of the most interesting facts can be found here.

Videos of 2013

YouTube invited some YouTubers to star in a “mashup” of popular moments during the year. Can you identify the YouTube stars in this six-minute video? How about all the references to the top videos and memes of the year? Here they are – the top videos of 2013.

Ten of the best dashcam videos in 2013, right here. Some you might have seen, others probably not!

And here’s one man’s life, taken one second of each day. Pretty extraordinary look at an ordinary man.

Recyclist? Chill pill?

Which words originated in your birth year? Check it out at the Oxford Word Blog. If I told you what mine was, you’d know how old I am.

Misheard lyrics

Have you ever sang a song for years, thinking the lyrics were one thing, only to find out you’ve been getting it wrong all along? Watch this comedian explain some of the misheard lyrics to some of the popular songs. Caution though: Adult language alert.

Shovel ready.

How about that snow? Ugh, so much plowing and shoveling. Well, maybe not.

Modern day “aviation”

The art of the fighter drone is improving, according to reader Gary R. of Florida who sent this video with a note: “Apparently this the first ‘at sea’ launch from an aircraft carrier [the USS George H.W. Bush]. For all of the pilots who used to have a bit of a swagger because they dared the danger of the skies, that may be a thing of the past for the modern ‘pilot.’ It could spell the end of manned aircraft, but somehow I actually doubt that. The ‘pilot’ of this drone is really good if you’ll note the smoothness of the landing in particular!”

For the more traditional aviation enthusiasts, here’s a list of sites for you. Prepare for take-off!

o AviationPioneers
o WorldWarIAces
o HallofFameoftheAir
o WW2EuropeanTheater(ETO)
o WW2PacificTheater(PTO)
o WW2USMarineCorps
o WW2USNavyAces
o WW2Mediterranean(MTO)
o WW2GermanAces
o KoreanWarAces
o RussianAces
o VietnamEraAces

o WorldWarIPlanes
o 1930sAircraftphotos
o WW2Fighters
o WW2Bombers
o WW2GermanPlanes
o WW2AirplanePictures
o HistoryofAirplanesblog
o NoseArt
o PostwarJets

World War II
o WW2FactsandFirsts
o WW2Medals
o WW2Museums
o WW2Pictures
o WW2Ships
o WW2Weapons

Virtual Smithsonian

Click on the arrows, and you’ll be in this museum for hours. Use the roller on your mouse to move in and out. Look for the “arrows” on the floor and click on them. They take you to other places. Also, click on the next to last arrows on the left. Welcome to The Smithsonian!

Happy New Year!