Greetings news fans!

I’m thrilled the country is still in existence, because with all the buffoonery taking place in Washington and beyond, who knows how long we can survive?

Just remember: If you like your politicians, you can keep your politicians.

OK, now let’s get to the good stuff as we remember the silliest moments of 2013, and  keep clicking on the black bar at the bottom of each entry to reveal the next story.

Sum Ting Wong

In perhaps one of the strangest on-air bloopers of all time, a San Francisco TV station identified the four pilots of a fatal Asiana plane crash using bogus and racially offensive names.

KTVU anchor Tori Campbell read the names accompanied by a graphic with the phony names listed  alongside a photo of the burned-out plane that had crashed at San Francisco International Airport on July 6, killing three and injuring dozens.

The names were said to be:

  • Sum Ting Wong
  • Wi Tu Low
  • Ho Lee Fuk
  • and Bang Ding Ow.

The station later made the admission that I’ll paraphrase with: “Wi Do Sum Ting Weally Wong.”

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