The United States of America is not the superpower or economic giant it used to be. It pains me to say this, but we have fallen behind the People’s Republic of China. We borrowed money to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from China. We borrowed money from Social Security funds to pay for the war in Vietnam.

When we make war on another country we spend billions of dollars we don’t have any more. We have seen that countries with different identities cannot be won over by the American lifestyle or style of government. What’s more, the native peoples of these countries have long memories and have animosity against the United States of America even though we were trying to help them.

Americans need leadership that will understand that we cannot take unilateral action against any country. Countries that break international laws or violate laws against its own people must be dealt with by the United Nations. The United States of America at the same time must remain vigilant and prepared to defend our sovereign territory and people against aggression in any form.

Domestically, the United States suffers from elected representatives in Congress that cater to 1 percent of the population, which consists of the rich, corporations and special interests. The elected representatives in Congress also ignore unemployment benefits, food stamps and veterans benefits. This continued misrepresentation by elected representatives is a two-edged sword. By ignoring the common good of all Americans the country falls further behind China and the rest of the world.

The survival of the United States of America is based on its leadership. We must have leaders that care about the common good of all Americans. Those representatives in Congress that continue to cater to 1 percent of our population must be recalled or voted out of office. I urge all Americans to read the congressional record. Find out which politicians consistently lie to the voters.

Dana L. Stern Sr.

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