To Sheri Kastrava [“WND dominionists!”] – I would like to say that when Mr. Massie wrote his column he used logic and argued his point from a biblical perspective.

Ms. Kastrava, however, in her rebuttal, used no logic nor did she support her arguments from any perspective. She did what the typical lefty does. She berated and called names and talked about her feelings.

Did she win me over? No.

If you want to write against Mychal Massie, who is in my opinion one of the greatest conservative minds of the last 50 years, then do so from a place of logic and intelligence. Name calling is what 5-year-old children do. Your diatribe was about as helpful as Nancy Pelosi telling us we need to pass a bill so we can see what is in it.

By the way, Mr. Massie was spot on. We may not be called to judge, but we are called to be fruit inspectors, and Obama’s fruit is rotten and poisoning our nation.

Russell Chambers

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