Nelson Mandela now stands before the Creator God who gave him life. If Nelson did not bow his knees to Christ Jesus, God’s Son, who paid for sinners’ redemption and forgiveness, that soul is assigned to eternal punishment!

I cannot know if Nelson was saved because I did not know the man. However, from all he said, all he did and all he supported, I can say he certainly did not represent anything close to being a follower of Jesus Christ and Jehovah God.

All of the so-called charisma, pride, money, power, Nobel Peace Prizes and other self-induced things he may have had meant absolutely NOTHING! If things are not done for the glory of God in this life, they are NOTHING. Even the plowing of a field to plant crops is wicked, so says God, if the person is an unrepentant sinner.

So put on the crowns, get the presidential office, command the military troops, do what one wants to do – it won’t get anyone to first base with God. Man gets all the glory from mankind they will ever get right here, and it is over.

That is why we have the Gospel. It is good news to those who will obey it and turn to Christ. He is able to save to ugliest sinner, even Nelson Mandela and his ex-wife.

I hope he and she were Christians, but I fear they were not. What a sad day for this world. And today, we have more of the same principles and policies of Nelson being acted out from the White House and Congress in America. Forgetting God and actually opposing Him to His face openly is the agenda of this administration and many in Washington, D.C. Psalm 2 states that He laughs at the foolish people who do so.

Eventually they will stand, or shall I say fall, at his feet after they die. Then their smiles and handshakes and folly will bring them nothing but grief.

Lamar Carnes


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