“How can you keep me as a doctor unless I decide to keep you as my patient?”

In one chilling sentence in the New York Daily News, Dr. Marc Siegel sums up how insanely irresponsible the “Democrats” in Congress were to force Soeterocare through without having read the thousands of cobbled-together pages of the bill that enacted this shambles.

I was in Washington, D.C., during the final tense days before the vote, and I knew health care in America had gone when Rep. Stupak capitulated. He was the leader of a small but vital faction that had held out against the bill on the ground that it would pay baby-butchers out of federal funds.

The bill passed after Stupak caved to a transparently dishonest promise Mr. Obama had neither the intention nor the power to keep.

I had told everyone who would listen that Barry Soetero was proposing to reinvent Britain’s over-expensive, under-performing National Health Service, a failed Socialist experiment from the 1940s that rations health care by the simplest of all methods. Let the patients die.

Dr. Siegel’s question is fundamental. In the U.K., after the post-war Socialists had sent the Cambridge economist John Maynard Keynes to Washington to beg for the funds to set up the welfare state we could not afford then and cannot afford now, primary-care doctors kept themselves out of the health service and remained private.

That way, everyone kept his own doctor, and the State paid an agreed fee per head for patients of the nationalized health service. Everyone who was privately insured was free to keep his own plan, and everyone kept his own doctor.

But Obamacare does not let you keep your own doctor. In New York, a poll by the State Medical Society shows that almost half of all doctors are not taking part in Obamacare. Almost a quarter are refusing to take patients from the already-failing “health exchanges.”

As Dr. Siegel bluntly puts it, “Your doctor’s unhappiness is a catastrophic problem that the new law didn’t anticipate and is not prepared to address.”

It had already emerged some time ago that Mr. Obama’s promise that everyone could keep his health plan was – not to put too fine a point on it – a lie.

Now you can’t keep your doctor, either. One way or another, I guess 100 million Americans who previously had affordable health care will either have to pay a whole lot more or lose their previous doctor or their previous health plan, or all three.

Soeterocare is a train wreck. “Affordable Health Care” is like the Holy Roman Empire or the Lord Privy Seal. None of the words means what it says. It is not Affordable. It will not improve anyone’s Health. And the administration doesn’t Care.

That’s before the money runs out. The very last thing Congress should have done, at a time when this administration will soon have doubled two centuries’ worth of federal debt in the lifetime of a single administration, is to undertake the largest open-ended and uncosted financial obligation in the history of pork-barrel politics.

The central defect of Obama’s wholesale destruction of what was once the best system of health care on the planet is the central defect of communism everywhere. It. Doesn’t. Work.

In the goofy, rose-tinted world of the “Democrats,” all you have to do to solve the imagined (and, in the United States, largely imaginary) problem of citizens who had no health coverage was to pass a bill of many thousands of pages decreeing that the problem is solved.

The bill conjured into being an unaffordable, multi-tentacled bureaucratic nightmare that has had the effect of ensuring that three or four times as many people as before end up with no health care, while everyone pays a whole lot more.

The “Democrats,” rose-tinted spectacles firmly in place, actually believed that Soeterocare would keep them in office indefinitely. “If you believe that,” as the duke of Wellington used to say, “you will believe anything.”

If the GOP wakes up in time and smells the opportunity, this administrative catastrophe will fling Obama and his nest of vipers from the White House and from the Senate for a generation.

However, mere opposition is not going to be enough. The Republicans need to get their heads down and come up with a credible, costed plan to undo the damage that the pulverizing of America’s health-care systems has caused.

That plan should leave doctors alone to get on with their work. It should ensure that everyone who had a health plan before Obamacare gets it back afterward. It might also make some modest and genuinely affordable provision for the few who could not afford health treatment before.

But first, the decks need to be cleared. Here, in full, is Clause 1 of the bill the GOP needs to bring forward:

“The Affordable Care Act is hereby repealed.”

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