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Podesta's 'cult' comment sows discord with Congress

(U.S. News & World Report) The modest budget deal that cleared Congress Wednesday seems to be a step toward comity and compromise in Washington. That’s largely because it was approved with no government shutdown and a minimum of partisan dramatics. But the era of relatively good feelings probably won’t last. As pollsters and consultants of both parties told me, the differences between Democrats who control the Senate and Republicans who control the House are too wide to be bridged on major issues any time soon.

The more telling episode focused on an inflammatory remark by incoming White House counselor John Podesta about how members of the House GOP resemble a deadly cult, which provoked an angry Republican response. What got Podesta in hot water was a comment to Politico prior to his joining the administration. He said Obama and his advisers need to use the president’s unilateral powers to implement his initiatives because House Republicans have blocked so much of Obama’s agenda.