A vote from a U.S. senator has made life increasingly tough for North Carolinians.

Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., cast a deciding vote on the passage of Obamacare that unraveled health-care coverage for millions of Americans across the country. Having proudly stumped for President Obama during the 2012 presidential election, Sen. Hagan touted allegedly plausible merits of the Affordable Care Act and routinely echoed the president’s wily rhetoric at least 22 times that Americans can keep their health-care plans and keep their doctors.

As the president definitively stated: “Period.”

Hagan assured Americans that Obamacare would “stabilize costs.” Insurance policies would remain in force; no one would have to change doctors; and “the skyrocketing cost of health care” would slow down. Not wanting to upset the apple cart, Hagan also promised, “If you have your health insurance and you like it, I want to be sure that whatever we do doesn’t interfere with that.” And to top it off, Hagan promised not “to dismantle any system where people are happy with the coverage they have.”

The people have been dismantled, Senator, particularly those in your neck of the woods.

Americans nationwide are reeling from Obamacare sticker shock, loss of coverage and, in particular, deception on the part of the president and his cohorts – including Kay Hagan – in deliberately withholding the truth from Americans: Americans will lose, not keep, their health insurance.

As a senator, Hagan is expected to represent the needs of her populace, to advocate for passage of beneficial legislation to the people of North Carolina. But in the instance of Obamacare, Hagan recklessly exchanged the needs of her people for Obama’s agenda. The result? North Carolinians’ insurance premiums have tripled for women and quadrupled for men. Over 473,000 residents of the Tar Heel State face becoming uninsured in January.

Not at all a welcoming entrance into the New Year.

In a state with one of the highest population of uninsured residents – taking into account Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s refusal to extend the state’s badly crippled Medicaid program until it is strengthened – Sen. Hagan has failed to protect her people from unconstitutional legislation that affects both their health and wealth to a colossal degree.

However, the issue that seems to nip most at Hagan’s heels is not the enormous monetary burden North Carolinians are now saddled with due to her defeatist stroke of the pen, but rather the disastrous rollout of Healthcare.gov. To save face and potentially save her Senate seat, Hagan took to launching a probe of the website’s failure to deliver the goods she so ardently advocated. She did so with full disclosure that the “goods” amounted to nothing more than crudely stripping away from Americans nationwide health insurance policies that worked.

One must ask: What really is important to Sen. Hagan? The fumbling, failing website or the crushing weight of premiums North Carolinians will face come January?

Has Sen. Hagan, figuratively speaking, abandoned her post as senator? The answer is found in the evidence of her decisions. Ultimately, the people will decide in 2014.

Hagan has vacillated between rooting for Obamacare ad infinitum and then spurning its launch. This led the senator on a desperate search to find a dumping station for her angst: insurance companies. Blame them!

Hagan enacted a move straight from the Democratic playbook: Play the blame game, mainly whenever the private sector is concerned. By all means necessary, protect the government and skirt questions pertaining to critical information you knew and, especially, when you knew it.

Like my mother used to say whenever she caught me in a multi-layered, masterfully constructed lie: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

Kay Hagan is spinning her web, but it’s not sticking anywhere, not catching anything – except flak. Cover-up after cover-up reveals intentional deception and disregard for voters who believed in her. Adding insult to injury, Hagan blithely intends to campaign for re-election with the president as her sidekick, a move she would “be honored” to realize. Flaunting a re-election campaign with the president in tow would flagrantly mock the fate of North Carolinians.

Hagan voted against the good of the people, but now the people can vote against Kay Hagan. North Carolinians must call for retribution and unseat Kay Hagan, deter her reckless desertion of their well-being, and end her Senate tenure – which has been used in large part to deceive the public. The junior senator’s actions cast her as the president’s pawn in a fraudulent exchange that frames the people: hook, line and sinker. Sen. Hagan knowingly acted in league with the president on Obamacare; after all, she helped inscribe it. According to her spokeswoman, Sadie Weiner, Sen. Hagan “was involved in crafting the language of the actual legislation.”

Kay Hagan would do well to stop the blame game and take responsibility for the fate of the North Carolinians on her watch. But instead, she kicks the health-care can down the road.

The Obamacare fiasco in North Carolina – in America – warrants discharging Kay Hagan. Americans coast to coast can help to defeat Hagan and embark on measures to end the far-left, unconstitutional, Obama-machine expansion in North Carolina. North Carolinians deserve better than Kay Hagan; Americans deserve better than Kay Hagan.

America’s founders envisioned and developed aspects of our government with the pre-eminent intent to offer leadership, accountability and, most of all, representation for the citizenry through elected officials. Kay Hagan has knowingly transgressed on all three accounts and is deserving of nothing more than to be pink-slipped and sent packing.


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