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Strong-arm thought control

Just what we needed for Christmas – yes, I said it, “Christmas” – that national holiday that commemorates the birth of the Christ Child.

Christians looked forward to a day of peace and love and prayer and sharing.

But what the so-called mainstream media gave the country was an unnecessary intrusion and ultimate tyrannical brouhaha over Phil Robertson’s choice of words, his religious beliefs and “Duck dynasty.”

I’ll say it up front, I knew of “Duck Dynasty” but I’d never seen it; I don’t watch much TV. That also speaks for my knowledge of the Arts and Entertainment Network. I know it’s there, but the program sponsors will not make a dime off of me.

When I first heard of the flap about an interview the patriarch of the “Duck Dynasty” family had given to “GQ” – -my first reaction was “GQ”?!

The camo-garbed, bearded and armed star of the reality series didn’t seem to be a typical candidate for that publication.

But then when the questioning moved into religious beliefs, it was almost inevitable there might be a problem. A cynic might even say it was intentional – but I digress.

There was a problem and not a little one, especially where the sensitivities of the executives at A&E were concerned, and even more so with the intrusion of GLAAD into the mix.

For the uninitiated, that’s the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. It’s the organization that has taken it upon itself to attempt to wipe out any and all words or speech that could possibly reflect negatively against homosexuals. It is especially powerful influencing how gays are represented in movies, television, print and any other media.

In speaking of sin in the interview, Robertson listed activities his religious beliefs consider sinful. Included was homosexuality. He elaborated on that, using graphic anatomical terms, which any adult knows but which are not usually spoken of in mainstream publications.

GLADD went berserk and A&E caved to the pressure, almost immediately putting Phil Robertson on indefinite suspension.

Considering that the “Duck Dynasty” reality series is the most popular show on cable television and the foundation of phenomenal ratings and income for A&E, the move indicates how fearful they were of retribution by the homosexual lobby, despite the fact that it was Christmas and the suspension appeared to be an attack on Christian beliefs.

As for gays, is nothing sacred to them?

Clearly, nothing Christian is, but what is sacred to them is their declared sexuality and their demand for inclusion and acceptance and their ultimate demand that no one, anywhere, ever say or do – or even think – anything that can be perceived as a slight or criticism of their sexual activities and preferences.

There’s no doubt A&E thought it was on the high ground, and its almost immediate suspension of the star of the series shows that.

It, no doubt, expected popular support to be on its side, that sponsors would stick with it for its “courage” and that the general public would agree.

But it didn’t work that way. The issue erupted into verbal battles about freedom of religion and speech.

Christians and non-Christians – some viewers, some not – exploded loudly against GLADD’s tyranny of speech police and thought control and the weakness of A&E to GLADD’s demands.

There were predictions sponsors would run for the hills – a couple did but came right back but the main ones remained loyal saying they’d follow the show wherever it went.

Yes, as series producer, A&E could do what it pleased, but it wasn’t prepared for the sponsor support and especially that of the rest of the “Duck Dynasty” family, who issued a statement saying that if Phil left, so would they.

In essence, “Bye bye Phil – Bye bye show.”

That was neither what A&E expected nor what it wanted and for a minute or two, so it held firm.

Just like Barack Obama drawing a red line in the sand with Syria, A&E drew its red line in the TV sands with the suspension, but it was as permanent as Obama’s.

The media verbal battle continued, but A&E saw the light and in barely a week, threw in the towel, saying Phil and the show would continue but it doesn’t agree with Robertson’s religious beliefs.

What a surprise.

On the surface this may seem a tempest in a TV dinner, but it’s reflective of a concerted effort by militant gays to force their beliefs on everyone. If anyone says homosexuality is a sin, it’s considered “hate speech” and needs to be shut down.

That’s a major part of their argument with the Catholic Church. Like it or not, even with the misinterpretation of what Pope Frances said, homosexual acts are regarded by Catholics as sinful.

Like it or not, Christians and others have a right to believe it and to say it.

You’ll notice GLADD says nothing about Muslim threats to kill gays.

Trying to save face and avoid a backlash by gays, A&E announced it will produce a national public service campaign promoting, as it told the Hollywood Reporter, “unity, tolerance and acceptance among all people.”


Considering that GLADD is demanding that Robertson be required to meet with gay families and be “re-educated” about gay lifestyles and values – it would seem the battle is scarcely over, and the reality of thought police is alive and well.

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