Amidst all the concern about Iran and North Korea’s nukes, we should look at an even more clear and present danger to America – and, indeed, the rest of the West and democratic government.

The term “critical mass” came into use with things nuclear. The early scientific pioneers, Marie Curie perhaps the most recognizable name among the general public, eventually died from radiation exposure related to these experiments. As this work progressed into nuclear weapons with the Manhattan Project, mankind learned that critical mass meant kaboom!

But it seems that critical mass also applies to stupidity. America’s social scientists have a penchant for conducting their experiments on the entire national population, rather than test cases. They prefer injecting various amounts of stupidity in different shapes and forms into the population at large and then study the results. Perhaps they think there is a preventive value to these small injections in the form of building up immunity? They have never said.

America has survived these social experiments because the accumulated level of stupidity has never before reached critical mass. There was always a section of society that was not affected by any given injection. Now that has changed.

A fatal level of stupidity is reached when separate lumps of stupidity injected into society somehow find one another and begin reacting among themselves. Perhaps the Obama administration’s greatest accomplishment has been to connect these isolated lumps of stupidity into critical mass for America.

Since America’s founders had experienced political tyranny, economic privation and religious oppression back in England, they were unwilling to give the new federal government in America the same powers that had destroyed their lives in England.

But there was a catch, as observed by John Adams, our second president. “Our Constitution,” he wrote, “was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

A few generations ago, the small bits of stupidity released by government do-gooders and do-your-own-thingers began interacting among themselves. This was perhaps like too many cow pies in the same section of a field. The associated interaction produced many unintended consequences, frequently referred to as the Great Society.

To deal with the unintended and undesirable consequences of these injections of stupidity into the national population, more and different types of stupidity were introduced into the social order. They joined their brethren and begot more and different kinds of stupidity, which in turn joined the critical mass party.

Today, stupidity has reached a comfortable, insulated critical mass where it cooks and bubbles away, poisoning society and begetting even more of itself. This stupidity has now permeated all parts of society, from the least to the greatest. Better and more toxic injections of stupidity continue to be administered to society and individuals, by government laws and initiatives, all in the name of healing the unintended consequences of the prior stupidity injections.

Once stupidity reaches critical mass in society, there is no recovery possible. The process continues until all the resources have been squandered, all dissent eliminated, and collapse mercifully (or unmercifully) ends the experiment.

So let’s connect the dots. Politically, it goes like this. “The fallout over Obamacare’s implementation will be good for the Republicans in 2014. More Republicans will be elected. This will fix our problems and restore sanity.”


The Republicans will cease the injections of stupidity into the population, which the Democrats insist must be administered to cure the previous unintended consequences of prior treatments of stupidity they injected?

I can hear it now: “It’s a do-nothing Congress! Get rid of it!”

Both the Republicans and Democrats have a fatal infection of Potomac Fever. They will carry on pretending that today’s injection of stupidity will cure the unintended consequences born of yesterday’s injection. Public money maintains the stupidity and causes it to grow faster. Will the Republicans stop the stupidity by stopping the money?

“Psst, Buddy! Come and check out this bridge. I’ll give you a good deal on it!”

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