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Super-scandal: Where's accountability for EPA?

The lies and deception started more than 10 years ago.

A climate-change “expert” for the Environmental Protection Agency, one of the highest-paid employees in the federal government, began falsifying calendar entries that were meant to document his work.

When John C. Beale was questioned about what he was doing, he began telling fellow workers and supervisors that he was actually working for the CIA.

He eventually stole more than $800,000 from taxpayers.

Beale was sentenced recently to two-and-a-half years in prison for the monumental scam he perpetrated for so long.

But that’s not justice.

Justice would be if the EPA management that allowed this theft to go on lost their jobs and their far more wasteful and rogue agency were abolished.

In sentencing Beale, federal district Judge Ellen S. Huvelle called him a stain on the federal workforce. That may be true. But he is hardly alone. An agency that could allow such behavior within its ranks for so long is a far bigger stain on government.

So who is holding the EPA accountable?

The answer is no one.

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Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana, the ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, issued a statement saying the case “highlights a massive problem with the EPA. We need to know just how vulnerable is this agency.”

Obviously there’s a massive problem. But the question of how vulnerable the EPA is has been answered. And the bigger question is what legitimate purpose the agency serves other than to bully property owners and deceive the public about the far bigger scam of “climate change.”

Understand what Beale did during his decade-long tenure at EPA. He did nothing but steal money and lie.

But lying and stealing money is what the entire EPA does. It lies about manmade catastrophic climate change. It steals from taxpayers and property owners.

In other words, Beale did just what his agency was created to do. In one sense, he was just a cog in the wheel of a massive fraud that his entire agency represents.

Nothing changes for the EPA. It’s back to business as usual.

In fact, Beale may have provided one great service to the American people. In explaining how he got away with his crimes, he said he exploited flaws in the management system of the EPA.

So what is being done about those “flaws”?

What is being done about examining the agency’s purpose?

Why isn’t anyone making the connection between Beale’s job description, lying about the phony problem of “climate change” and lying about everything else he and EPA do?

Isn’t it time to abolish the EPA?

Here’s a quick review of some of the official, unpunished actions of the agency itself in recent years:

I could go on and on with regard to EPA abuses. I wrote a book about it long ago now a collector’s item.

This is just a small sampling of abuses. But the EPA is out of control – writing its own regulations that empower the agency to exceed any authority ever granted to it by Congress.

In light of the super-scandal of John C. Beale, isn’t it time for Congress to act to rein in or abolish the EPA?

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