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Supreme injustice

The Affordable Care Act was and is about power and control of the people. It was never about affordable health care.

It is unconstitutional in several ways, but the Supreme Court let them go ahead with it even though they ruled it unconstitutional the way it was written and passed by Congress. They said the federal government cannot make people buy insurance under the interstate commerce clause. They can regulate interstate commerce, but they have no right to force people into engaging in interstate commerce. Therefore, they cannot charge a penalty if people don’t buy insurance.

However, they said because the feds have the authority to tax people they can enforce the law by charging those who don’t buy insurance a tax. This is a critical difference for several reasons: 1) A tax must start in the House of Representatives; this bill started in the Senate. 2) The Supreme Court does NOT have authority to reword a law in order to make it constitutional. They only have the authority to rule if it is or is not constitutional, and why. 3) This sets a precedence that if someone doesn’t adhere to a federal law or regulation, they can be taxed on an individual basis. Taxes, by U.S. definition, can only be levied for the public good. Taxes can not be levied against individuals to keep them in line with government requirements. This is especially true when the particular law they are using taxation to enforce is not within the authority of the federal government.

You may have noticed that there is very little mention that the enforcement tool is a tax; usually it is referred to as a “penalty.” The Supreme Court ruled that it cannot be a penalty because they don’t have the authority to force people to buy insurance or anything else. So the bottom line is the court said the feds can tax an individual for not complying with a law or regulation even when the law is not within their power and authority.

So, what can we as citizens do to overturn this injustice? Can the Supreme Court be impeached for its actions that are beyond its authority?

Don Grove