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The next lie Democrats will run on

Republicans are salivating about running in 2014 on the Democrats’ last big lie – Obamacare.

But Democrats are preparing the next big lie – and no one is paying attention, no is disputing it.

That new lie, already being told over and over again, will form the basis for the Democrats’ uphill challenge to divert public opinion from the last one – or, more accurately, the last series of lies:

It may seem like a daunting, even impossible, mission for the Democrats. After all, who could possibly forget or overlook the deliberate deceptions the party threw at Americans over and over and over knowing all along none of them had any basis in truth?

But if you haven’t figured out yet the Democrats are skilled at this game and have powerful allies in the media and other powerful cultural institutions who will make their job easier, then you need to get a clue.

The 2014 midterm elections are still almost a year away. And Democrats are already tipping their hand as to the next big diversion.

I’ve written about this before, but almost no one on has called them on it. Few have seen the handwriting on the wall. Barack Obama is still telling this new lie every chance he gets – and it goes unchallenged.

So what is the next big lie?

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In his most recent press conference, Obama reiterated that he and his party are attempting to pull off a “historic deficit reduction” campaign. He claimed they had reduced the deficit by 50 percent. He even claims that Republicans are trying to thwart this effort.

Now let’s examine the facts.

No actual deficit numbers have been released by the White House for 2013 – only an estimate. Let’s assume, for the moment, that estimate of $759 billion is accurate. If Obama reduced the deficit by 50 percent, that would mean the higher number would need to be $1.5 trillion. But the highest deficit ever recorded in American history was $1.4 trillion. That came in 2009. That deficit included $800 billion in government “stimulus” spending that was approved by both houses of Congress when they were controlled by Democrats and signed into law by Obama.

Prior to that, the largest deficit ever recorded in American history was $459 billion in 2008.

So what we have is a president who nearly tripled the size of the deficit in his first year in office and now wants to take credit for bringing it down 50 percent, though actually it was a 46.3 percent reduction. On top of that, he has presided over the five largest deficits in history.

What he is not telling the American people is that he and his party were primarily responsible for creating the largest deficits.

Did they have help from Republicans in creating the mess?


Did they have help from Republicans in reducing the deficit?

Actually, that’s the wrong question.

The truth is Democrats fought Republicans every step of the way, proclaiming any and every effort to reduce or contain spending increases was heartless, cruel, would result in children dying of hunger and being denied medical care and would cause the oceans to rise in an apocalyptic disaster due to climate change.

You might think deficit reduction, if it’s real, would be a Republican accomplishment. Obama has already successfully hijacked the issue from Republicans – and the campaign has officially not yet begun. It’s the equivalent of the kind of political jujitsu Democrats pulled off in the 1960s when uniformly Democratic elected officials were standing in schoolhouse doors blocking black children from enrolling and ever since have claimed to be the leading force behind civil rights leadership.

Can they really pull this off?

Never underestimate the inability of Republicans to make their case.

Never underestimate the ability of Democrats to tell the big lie with a straight face.

Never underestimate the eagerness of the statist, establishment press to obscure the truth.


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