Sidewalk counselor Sherry Pierce holding Olivia Grace and Kara Shea

The mother was only four weeks pregnant, but with Mother’s Day only a few days away, the holiday was suddenly taking on a whole new meaning.

As she approached the Planned Parenthood clinic in Tempe, Ariz., who can know what pressures pushed her, what questions and fears plagued her as she considered the “choice” she was planning to make?

But on that day another woman, Sherry Pierce, was waiting with a team of sidewalk counselors and a message of hope.

Pierce explains the counselors talked with the mother about her plans to terminate her pregnancy, and after serious thought, the mom decided to let her child live.

Only it wasn’t one child – it was two.

Now seven months later, that same mom gave birth to twin baby girls, Olivia Grace and Kara Shea, and she invited the stranger who met her on that Planned Parenthood sidewalk to celebrate her joy.

“Today I had the privilege of holding these precious little ones in my arms just hours after their birth,” Pierce said.

Pierce’s story of lives saved from abortion is just one of many tales shared with evangelist Ray Comfort, maker of “180: The Movie,” a life-impacting film that has now been reportedly seen by over four million viewers.

Get your own copy of “180: The Movie,” now.

The stunning DVD video project by Comfort, whose work is documented on his Living Waters website, is making a difference, witnesses say.

“I am so glad I took the time to watch ‘180.’ It is gutsy and very powerful,” said Stephen Kendrick, producer of the movies “Fireproof” and “Courageous.”

He said he is encouraging those who watch the film to share it with their friends and family, and follow its impact on Facebook.

The video shows the impact of America’s abortion industry on the nation. And it demonstrates how quickly people can change their minds about such a major social issue when presented with the facts.

The pro-life video shows eight people who are pro-abortion changing their minds and becoming pro-life.

In the movie, Comfort tells young adults that Hitler legally killed millions of Jews. Some of the Jews were ordered to be buried alive, and Comfort shows documentary footage of that happening and reports of Jews who survived.

He asks them, “Would you have done that?” Nearly all of them say no, except for two Neo-Nazis.

Then he questions the participants about their support for abortion and the lives taken by the industry.

Ted Baehr, publisher of the Christian family magazine Movieguide, explains, “Ray makes the connection between Hitler’s right to choose to kill Jews, who Hitler said were less than human, and the holocaust of abortion.

“Within a few minutes, one by one, he convinces several of the people he’s interviewing that they are really pro-life. He then goes on to confront them about their salvation and several, though not all, accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.”

The results have been stark: “After seeing this video, I made the solid decision to proceed and keep by baby,” one woman wrote to Comfort.

Another wrote, “When I finished watching the video, I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t believe I was going to kill my child.”

Get your own copy of “180: The Movie,” now.

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