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By Michael Glatze

Editors note: Michael Glatze at one time engaged in a homosexual lifestyle and was a prominent “gay” activist. He founded Young Gay America and was the editor of the group’s magazine. Read WND’s exclusive story about his 2007 change of direction, “‘Gay’-rights leader quits homosexuality.”

I have been married now for a little over a month – and it has been the greatest month of my life thus far! I am so grateful for Rebekah, for God, for His Provision, for my new in-laws, for my family that traveled from far and wide to join in our special day, and for the prayers and support that have flooded our way since October. Thank you all.

The purpose of writing this short piece is not to “rub my marriage in somebody’s face,” as has been the all-too-prevalent suggestion by some in this great country of ours. My purpose in life is not to “rub my life” in someone’s face. But, then again, I do exist. I do have a life. So, if someone considers my existence, or my life, an offense to their sensibilities, there’s not a heck of a lot that I can do about that, aside from dying.

And since, fortunately for me and for my friends and family, I’m not dead yet, I’m kind of happy about the fact that life continues to be something I am able to enjoy. The most enjoyable aspect of my life thus far (as I have said) has been these last few weeks. Rebekah is a wonderful person. We are made for each other. It is really cool to finally get to be married, after living in different walks of life and avoiding marriage at all costs since I was a teenager. I am now almost 40 years old!

We are not a couple of people who are interested, per se, in being political pawns. I have never called myself an “ex-gay,” though other people have called me that. But, then again, people have called me a lot of things, on account of the fact that I left homosexuality a few years back and decided that I felt more comfortable living heterosexually. This came about as direction from God and has been the best choice God ever made in my life – continuing to bear fruit to this day! Over the past several years, I have written extensively about this decision, the ramifications of it and the various things I have learned along the way – to anyone interested. One is not required to read what I have to say.

For those who have an interest in reading what I have to say, I have a few more things to communitcate here. For example, I want to make a little “shout out” to all of the angry homosexuals in our country who are currently spreading all sorts of hate and aggression on pro-homosexual blogs. Look, I am not interested in defending myself. I don’t really need to do that. I understand your plight, your point-of-view. I understand the desire to want me to be crazy, or lost in my head and mind, or confused. I understand that it would be just easier if I didn’t exist, or I would just crawl into a hole somewhere and die. But I’m not going to do that.

The only option would be to kill me, and I know that is a thought that has crossed some of your minds. So in a way, this is a plea for my own and Rebekah’s personal safety. I would like to ask that instead of desiring to plot my death, you may consider the possibility that I do have a legitimate right to life and a legitimate right to my own a) spiritual decisions, and b) life decisions – not to mention the wisdom and perspectives those decisions have given me.

I have as much right to my point-of-view as anyone else has to theirs. The beauty of America is that we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And, in the midst of all of that, we definitely don’t all see eye-to-eye! But we do share a common humanity.

I do believe that homosexuality is a flaw, a mistake, a distortion and something from which one can be completely restored. I do know that this viewpoint flies in the face of people’s personal decisions, as well as some popular politics in this world. And I am additionally aware that this viewpoint labels me as some kind of “right-wing fanatic” who ought to just be “wiped out.” I do pray to God for my safety every day.

In the meantime, I would like to say this: I love my God. I love my life. I am grateful for every breath. I am grateful to God for humanity. And I am so grateful for Rebekah. I am not trying to “rub this in” to anyone’s face, but I want to be clear (since so many people are talking about this wedding already, even though I only posted photos on my personal Google account for friends and family members) that I am not here to “force my agenda” or my “lifestyle” on anyone else. I am here to live a good, God-honoring life. And as a Christian, I would be a liar if I didn’t tell people Who God is, what He has done in my life and how He continues to provide for me (and now – thank God – my family) in ways that are more numerous than I can count.


Michael Glatze made headlines in 2007, when he “came out” of homosexuality. Since then, he has pursued a life of Christian ministry. He lives in Wyoming.

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