(Washington Post) Uruguayan President José Mujica has a well-earned reputation for a personal style that is assertively … let us call it informal. It’s part of the 78-year-old politician’s practice of eschewing all trappings of power and status; he gives away most of his salary, lives in a small, one-bedroom apartment and drives an old VW Beetle instead of taking the customary limousine. He’s often called “the world’s poorest president,” although the former guerrilla and Marxist resists the label. He’s not a victim of poverty, after all; he’s a political leader who cares deeply about economic inequality and is making an effort to lead by example.

Still, there’s something to seeing Mujica really living his message that drives home just how unusual it is. This photo, from Thursday, shows him sitting between his vice president (to his left) and his new finance minister, during the latter’s official swearing-in ceremony. Soak it in:

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