(Washingtonian) Secret Service agents take an oath promising they’ll be “worthy of trust and confidence,” and Dan Bongino, a Republican candidate for Congress in Maryland, says he’s honored that vow in writing Life Inside the Bubble, about his 12 years in the United States Secret Service—four of them spent protecting President Obama. “There’s nothing confidential in the book,” he told Washingtonian. “I was careful to scrub it.”

Ex-Secret Service agent to appear on The Blaze — Author Dan Bongino explains decision to ‘take a bullet’ for American people

That didn’t stop a fierce attack from Ed Rogers, a former Reagan White House official. “One of the president’s personal bodyguards writing a book that betrays the trust between the Secret Service and the commander-in-chief is beyond the pale,” Rogers wrote in the Washington Post, urging, “Don’t buy it, don’t read it.”

The WND Superstore has Dan Bongino’s fascinating insider story, “Life Inside the Bubble.”

“Ed Rogers never read the book,” Bongino said at the start of a wide-ranging phone interview. … Ed Rogers is a career insider who has personally enriched himself off of what he decries.”

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