The Christmas scale

Bet you didn’t know that the Good News is carried in an eight-note scale? Well, it is! Click here to see – and hear – why.

Merry Christmas!

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Duck Dynasty – a $400-million free speech debate

Who could ignore the flap over onesie pajamas, hot cocoa and the cacophonous din of ducks this past week?

Millions of words were written about “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson, suspended by TV network A&E for voicing his religious beliefs in an interview with GQ magazine.

The news launched a storm of quips and photoshopped parodies in social media that mocked the incessant quacks emanating from the LGBT and GLAAD communities.

#StandingWithPhil attained instant Twitter ubiquity. Robertson granddaughter Sadie weighed in.

“Boycott A&E TV” pages erupted on Facebook, with millions of “Likes” pointing to the cable net’s major fail. Sarah Palin blasted out a duck call too, as did Townhall’s Katie Pavlich. Greg Gutfeld, FNC late night host of Red Eye, had this bon mot for the duckophobes.

Join those “standing with Phil” and let A&E know what you think about suspending Phil Robertson!

But piercing through the velocity of GLAAD’s hyperbolic and entitlement cries of victimization and the ferocious blowback that resulted, is this powerful message tweeted by Jim Geraghty, which cut as seamlessly as ducks flying in V-formation: “So, A&E, if any of your shows’ cast members quoted 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 – automatic suspension, too?”

Pajama boy

By now most of America has seen this:

But have you seen this?

The laughs and guffaws at this latest attempt by Obama’s OFA (Organizing For America) minions to convince America’s recalcitrant “yutes” to sign on to ObamaCare were no doubt heard in the farthest reaches of the North Pole, doubtlessly eliciting a hearty “Ho ho ho” from Santa. Who is this effeminate metro-sexual in a plaid onesie, sipping hot chocolate, for the love of Pete? Eminently snort-worthy.

Immediately dubbed “Pajama Boy” by social media mavens, the sidesplitting Photoshops commenced!

Even former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh got into the act.

Caleb Howe revealed “the latest” ObamaCare beg.

And of course, a Pajama Boy selfie.

The LGBT community is being messaged with a targeted video produced by Out2Enroll that features four muscled men gaily prancing under the mistletoe in holiday briefs to the tune of “Let It Snow” (“Get Enrolled”).

There are dozens more spoofs of the OFA hot chocolate onesie PJ ad. Just follow this hotlink to view them. But be sure to get your hot chocolate ready first.

“When Superman was a kid, he wore Chuck Norris pajamas!”

Published on Dec. 18, this attracted 2,883,829 in its first day. At this writing, nearly 15 million have viewed a Christmas greeting from Chuck Norris. Hint: Think Volvo Truck split.

As viewer Thomas B. commented, “Chuck’s flying both planes. At the same time.”

It came upon a midnight clear – 45 years ago

“On Christmas Eve 1968, one of the largest audiences in television history tuned in to an extraordinary sight: a live telecast of the moon’s surface as seen from Apollo 8, the first manned space flight to leave Earth’s gravitational pull and orbit the moon. The historic journey captivated people around the world; many welcomed a technological triumph in space after a year marked by assassinations, riots and war.” – PBS American Experience

If you enjoy documentaries about American people, historic events, culture, politics, presidents, technology and more, here’s a website that lists hundreds of them for online viewing. The site allows you to browse the entire PBS “American Experience” series featuring over 250 films. Watch full films online, download teacher’s guides and go behind the scenes to learn more about your favorite films.

For more documentaries, hit this site: Top Documentary Films, which offers dozens of fascinating and unusual free films on a variety of topics.

Keep calm and carry on

During World War II, the U.K. Ministry of Information developed a series of three posters to boost the morale of the British. The posters carried a message from King George VI. The first two read: “Your courage, your cheerfulness, your resolution will bring us victory,” and, “Freedom is in peril,” and were widely printed and distributed. The third poster, “Keep calm and carry on,” was intended only if invasion was imminent. It was printed but never distributed.

At war’s end, the posters were destroyed, but it is believed that two originals survived out of a print run of over a million. According to website “Keep Calm-O-Matic,” a couple who run a bookshop in England discovered one of them and had it framed and placed near the till in their shop.

Customers liked it and asked if they could buy it. So, the bookshop couple started selling and printing facsimile copies.

The poster has become world famous, and some enterprising folks have taken it a step further, creating the Keep Calm-O-Matic parody site, where anyone can create their own “Keep calm” motivational slogan poster. Here’s mine!

Voices soar heavenward!

It began with a single cellist on the floor of the National Air and Space Museum’s “Milestones of Flight” gallery, and soon swelled to 120 musicians. The U.S. Air Force Band exhilarated museum visitors with its first-ever flash mob.

“The four-minute performance featured an original arrangement of “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring/Joy to the World,” led by the band’s commander and conductor, Col. Larry H. Lang. Unsuspecting museum visitors including tourists and school groups were astonished as instrumentalists streamed into the gallery from behind airplanes and space capsules, and vocalists burst into song from the Museum’s second floor balcony.”

Read more about the surprise concert here.

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